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  1. Redeon

    v3 trigger clicks after shot in semi-auto

    Hm, when I have the gear box open, and engage the trigger and then turn the sector gear the back of the trolley raises pulling the trolley off of the trigger sear... looking at that.. sketch... should the front of the trolley be raised not the back? is my problem is that the contacts are too tight? will give this a try when I get back 🤔🤔
  2. Redeon

    v3 trigger clicks after shot in semi-auto

    Its a TM AKS74U NGRS. The new trigger shuttle and housing are SHS (I believe the Tm ngrs ak is V3) and the COL is TM replacement. Not sure if it is too strong, could be. I’ll try playing about with it with a spare shuttle return spring, thanks. Appreciate the help bud. This is what I thought, however from memory this just isn’t how the gun was in semi before. As is currently the trigger has to be released in its entirety until the trigger sear (your red part) clicks back under the trolley, meaning the time between shots is drastically more. I’m almost positive it was not like this before... Appreciate the help everyone.
  3. I've had this issue which I cannot seem to fix. In semi-auto the trigger makes a click after making a shot. I've tried replacing the trigger unit (shuttle and housing), and the cut off lever to no avail. From what I know the shuttle is being pulled off of the trigger sear and when the trigger is returned to rest, it is sliding underneath the shuttle, which eventually returns resulting in the click. Link below: Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
  4. Redeon

    Got the cash. Advice on first TM pistol please.

    HK45 gets my vote having bought the tactical version, I would say just go with the standard.
  5. This is not in line with the experience I’ve had with his customer support, sad to hear this. Hope it works out.
  6. So I bought a second hand gun, cracked it open and found an Extreme-fire SW-SF-II mosfet. Literally cannot find anything on the internet about what it’s capabilities are, has anyone had any experience with this particular extreme fire mosfet?
  7. Redeon

    Tm AKS-74U


    • Wanted
    • Used

    As title says, looking for a used TM AKS-74U. Message me.


  8. Redeon

    DTD MK23 Holster

    Make: Double Tap Designs Item: mk23 right hand holster Desired Condition: Used Swaps/Part Exchange: No Budget: £35
  9. Redeon

    What is the best TM gas pistol?

    Ive had my TM HK45 Tactical for a while now. Took a little to find the perfect gas to make it run on cold days, but this thing doesnt miss a beat. Great range, very accurate, and love the urganomics. If i were to buy again I wouldnt opt for the tactical as the silencer is really not worth the cost difference.
  10. Redeon

    Can you find this item?

    I’ve been looking for this too... might need to get someone to bespoke make it
  11. Yeah I think I'll just re-wire the small tamiya. Just hope I didn't burn out the motor... something definitely smelled like burning back there
  12. So i mistakenly without thinking plugged a large tamiya battery into my small tamiya on my aeg and pulled the trigger a couple of times. Smells like burnt plastic, and the fuse popped. Do you think I may have done any damage to the motor or do you think i'll be okay? Kind of worried...