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  1. Redeon

    Tm AKS-74U

    Time Left: 5 days and 5 hours

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    As title says, looking for a used TM AKS-74U. Message me.

    250.00 GBP

  2. Redeon

    What is the best TM gas pistol?

    Ive had my TM HK45 Tactical for a while now. Took a little to find the perfect gas to make it run on cold days, but this thing doesnt miss a beat. Great range, very accurate, and love the urganomics. If i were to buy again I wouldnt opt for the tactical as the silencer is really not worth the cost difference.
  3. Redeon

    Can you find this item?

    I’ve been looking for this too... might need to get someone to bespoke make it
  4. Yeah I think I'll just re-wire the small tamiya. Just hope I didn't burn out the motor... something definitely smelled like burning back there
  5. So i mistakenly without thinking plugged a large tamiya battery into my small tamiya on my aeg and pulled the trigger a couple of times. Smells like burnt plastic, and the fuse popped. Do you think I may have done any damage to the motor or do you think i'll be okay? Kind of worried...