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  1. Errm, try stirling, their calendar is on their site. Tier 1 are lacking a bit this year so far.
  2. I think now there is so much pressure to do uni because "everyone" does it. You do gcse's and they get you to A levels, then no one cares what you got at gcse. You do A levels, get to uni and no one cares what you got at 18, just what you got at 21/22. I think trades are definate important, yes the money starts crap but you will always need plumbers, chippies, sparkies and so on. When I was a surveyor out on building sites, I met quite a few builders who started at 16, worked their way up and now earn a good few quid. I remember doing work experience in a solicitors office when I was 16, bloke came into the office driving a brand new Ferrari. Spoke to the solicitor after the meeting, turns out the guy had started hodding bricks at 16, worked his way up, turned out he had a flair for design and so got into architecture. He now/then designs the most sought after houses on Sandbanks in Poole. But I digress. I ended up doing law for a year at uni but it was tediously dull, nothing like a John Grisham novel so I left. Ended up doing International Relations - basically history, politics, strategic studies, all that kind of stuff which I am really into. Of course it was all based on the post cold war world the 9/11 happened and all the ideas changed! Before you choose, these days you have to be sure, a) It's costly, but can you study it exclusively for 3 years? Also, gap years, hit and miss. I did Australia for a year. Great fun, lots of laughs and beer. Did I grow as a person, develop and challenge myself? In a job interview, yes of course I did, in reality, did I bollocks, I spent too much cash, shaved off my hair grew a goatee and apparently developed a bit of an Australian accent. Be very sure you know what you will do with it? Are you just working to save cash or are you challenging yourself, building mud huts in Africa or some such thing
  3. Well yes, Murdoch does run the media but papers have a left and right spin. If the journalists don't play ball then the don't get the access. No access, no story. Just look how weak the BBC have turned since the Andrew Gilligan affair. As I say, if the media wanted to expose the paedophile politicians, I strongly suspect they could do so tomorrow. But Labour courts the trade unions - how do you think we got Ed not David, and it would be daft to think that in the back rooms the Conservatives aren't courting old school oxbridge type who have a stack of money and dodgy views. Frankly this next election worries me. I never have and never would vote labour. The lib dems will be destroyed as they are a bunch of lying two faced cockwombles who have spent the last five years ruining any political plan, and the conservatives are frankly a shambles who listen to no one but themselves. Cameron favourite line seems to be "I believe" whether it is HS2, European Referendum, franking, trident, what ever. Well it's not what you believe Dave, it's what we, your employers want. I honestly think there will be another coalition of weakness.
  4. Personally I think ukip get a bad rap in the press because the lab and cons control the press and are paranoid they will make big gains hence every slight nut job comment gets mentioned. I have no doubt that the media are well aware of all the child abusing politicians, tax dodgers etc but don't go after them too much because the will loose access. However they are very quick to go after celebs.
  5. Unless you are a US citizen best look for a non military base milsim then. From what I hear on a lot of the US podcasts, Lion Claws is now somewhat over rated. Look at Black sheep or AMS (American Mil Sim).
  6. This is never going to work unless you go industrial. Cordera and polyester are the same as they won't take Dylon etc. Save yourself a lot of hassle and just paint it.
  7. Forsyth is a cracking author and has been for decades. He puts a tremendous amount of research into his novels and uses words very well. For example the passport trick he used in day of the jackel was a genuine scam but never cracked down on.
  8. South coast cqb isn't that big but I had probably the best days airsoft ever on just 8 a side. Worked perfectly.
  9. My go to is Jura 10. Started on it years ago when it was around £25 a bottle bug now it has leapt right up to around £35 in my local co op. Luckily they run it on special a lot. My wife is pretty good for looking out for interesting stuff. Big fan of the Japanese whisky. They do a cracking drop, the ground makes it ideal though the price has gone up since the earthquake. Also tried a very nice Dutch and swedish whisky plus I also had the white and mckay Shackleton expedition recreation. Again very nice. Know I have something lined up for Xmas so we shall see. As for the water issue, the purists recommend just a drop of water as apparently it just takes some of the edge off but opens up the flavours. I prefer it neat!
  10. I emailed G&g after reading this thread as I am quite interested in one. They didn't really answer my question other than to say there was a limited edition version - with the contoured grip, and the standard with the plain grip.
  11. Or of course Rich at GZW with his "midgets" and "that's just weird" so much so that people quote it in unison!
  12. N1ckh, the airsoft site is fairly compact, still a good size but compact
  13. Grylls, I think likes the taste of his own piss too much!
  14. Generally bear grylls is poor. Whilst I admire him for being the chief scout and thinking that will do a lot for the promotion the group, I find most if his shows crap, and far prefer Ray Mears who blends interesting stories into his programme as well as the ability to whittle up a mansion with nothing more than a bit of flint and some bamboo, the provide a three course hot meal, with no hint of drinking your own piss
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