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  1. If it were was a harmless event, such as being performed on friends, then yes. Some of this is hillarious. But any joy (or respect at their having 'a big pair') I could have gained from their actions has been mooted by the thoughtlessness of them. Ignore the risk they're putting themselves at, the ramifications of what they are doing could hurt a lot of people. Putting the risk to airsofting asside, they could have triggered heart attacks, damaged property and lively hood, scared people into emotional distress, gotten shot and caused another summer of rioting, gotten a member of the public arrested or shot by mistake. I'm sorry to say, these people are just thick. And make me regret Darwinian evolution been put on hold.
  2. With respect (or, complete lack of) to that last video... It's probably their least F-tarded one. Only because they're not in full public view and (from what I can translate of the noises that come out of their mouthes) they are doing this to people they vaguely know. Plus, they only wave the guns around, rather than discharge any gas, so, actual physical harm risk is minimal. The worst thing I've seen in any of their videos is going into a corner shop and unloading a paintball RIF at the casheer. Would love them to try and pull that sh-t on a guy like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_-1DF2l-_4 Pyro
  3. Be reasonable. Only until the painball gun is no longer opporational... or looks like a painball gun... or is anything other than scrap metal :| Never realised there are RIF paintball guns before seeing that video though.
  4. - Imitating a police officer - Carrying an RIF in public with intent to threaten - Carrying an IF in public with intent to threaten - Detonating explosives in such a way they can cause harm - Threatening members of the public with IFs and RIFs - Discharging an air weapon at members of the public - Assulting a police officer The fact these guys havn't been arrested sickens me somewhat. People like this will kill airsofting when instead of dealing with (I don't want to use the term retarded out of respect to handy capped people... But I think some of these tossers may actally be within that scale...) muppets like these directly, the government decides to put even more controls on IFs and RIFs. Which will screw our sport, and do nothing to stop these.... Dumb ass criminals. Pyro p.s. If someone fired a paintball gun at me and then ran after me to tell me to 'chill out, it's just a prank'... I would feel the need to. erm. subdue them.
  5. I could owe you one? don't want a USP (One would be nice, but meh). I just want to tinker and make something cool... But then be able to sell it so I can not be broke and make something else cool. The questions was more along the lines of would individuals really be interested in buying props. And if so, what makes a good one?
  6. Lucky enough to have 2 man caves already (one workshop and one office/lab), 3 would be uber pushing it. But I really want a man-gun-cave. Wonder if the missus would let me re-decorate in 'concrete and wire rack minimalism' downstairs...
  7. Soooo. I've been giving it some thought, and while I don't think I can yet start a site. I want to start making props (Briefcase bombs and the like) for retail. I've got product design experience and a good grounding to make pretty much anything I want... But I need more ideas. Other than the usual 'domination point' and 'briefcase bomb' props, what else could I make? Bigger question, who should I market them to. Sites are the obvious choice, but would individuals buy them for backyard skirmishes if the price was right? :/ Pyro.
  8. Does lend to teamwork. Knowing one of your squad mates will essentially become a gunless VIP for a minute or so and you have to cover them. I image immature (as in, not formed for long) teams could have problems deciding who should cover vs. who should solve the puzzle... Or all try and solve it at the same time. And we've all seen how that work's on in the crystal maze :|
  9. *Head slap* How do you plan on not dying *Head slap* When you're under fire *Head slap* If you can't even draw *Head slap* When I'm giving you these love taps *Head slap* What the hell are you even doing here? *Head slap* SIR! I GOT LOST ON THE WAY TO COLLEGE SIR! -Jarhead
  10. I'm slightly biased to bop-it as I have the office record I know not for everyone, but I think some people would be up for the challenge of tuning out the shouting and bangs and BBs and really having to focus on something in the middle of a fire fight. So, something like simon says, or, as I saw on one guys homemade 'bomb' a mastermind game you had to solve to disarm it.
  11. Aw, broken laptops are no fun. I want to runaround with something that does something
  12. Was watching this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oBx028Cr54 at 0:33, player 188 is playing a buzz wire game. I imagine to achieve some sort of objective. What're peoples thoughts on having things like that in game? Something you have to focus on while your teamates cover you. I much prefere it to a 'press this button to win' objective that you can hit as you run past. Lends itself to more tactical play me thinks. Pyro.
  13. Pyro

    UKARA Mystery

    The problem with multiple site operation is that legally (as far as I understand the VCRA), the defense applies to members of an insured establishment, be it skirmish site, reenactment group... etc. UKARA is not an insured group, and merely a database of insured site members. So while you need to be a member of a site to get a UKARA membership, thus easily prooving you have a defence, having the UKARA membership in and of itself is not a legal defense (if that makes sense). Short of all (or collections) of airsofting sites pooling together for combined insurance and membership, a multi-site playing defense won't tick the right boxes. Pyro
  14. Pyro

    UKARA Mystery

    I assume you mean ignorance in the literal sense of absence of knowledge / being informed... As opposed to willing -being a giant muppet- ignorance? I don't hold honestly ill informed people in contempt, it just bugs me. Like people who honestly don't know they should get in the left lane when done with overtaking.
  15. Pyro

    UKARA Mystery

    Also, form the horses mouth: The regulations provide for two new defences. The first is for the organisation and holding of airsoft skirmishing. This is defined by reference to “permitted activities” and the defence applies only where third party liability insurance is held in respect of the activities. The second new defence is for the purpose of display at arms fairs, defined in the regulations by reference to “permitted events”. The regulations also specify the persons who can claim the defence for historical re-enactment. This is restricted to those organising or taking part in re-enactment activities for which third party liability insurance is held. For manufacturers, importers and vendors to claim one of the defences, they must be able to show that their conduct was for purpose of making realistic imitation firearms available for one of the reasons specified in the defences above. How they should satisfy themselves of this will vary from case to case and it might be advisable for them to keep a record of this for each transaction. In some cases they could ask to see, for example, a letter from the commissioning film or television company.
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