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  1. *sigh* Alright here we go... Serpa holster, £25 *new* M1911, £55 *new* Members of eHobby get 5% off regardless and orders usually only take about a week... Hardly long. Shipping is minimal as I've used eHobby many times before, so about £12, that's still only ~£67 for a brand new WE M1911. Customs don't give you any problems if you provide a valid defence, eHobby make sure you provide one to prevent any hassle anyway. Magazines, £12 *new* One comes with the gun regardless so you have two magazines which would cost £22 for both *new*. Shipping again would be minimal and only about £6. Added together... £67 + £28 + 25 is ~£120 for it all *new* You've used it twice, so how on earth is it in that condition after using it for two skirmishes? Did you run out of bb's and have to throw the gun at people? I've had some of my RIF's for years, skirmished more than fifty times and in better nick. As with being polite and respectful, I'm not sure where you're coming from? You've overpriced your stuff, there's even a thread on this forum to criticise these exact threads... I'm simply telling you that you've overpriced, then gave you constructive feedback on a price you should be aiming at. If I were to not be polite and respectful, I'd be saying stuff along the lines of "originally £130 for this scratched up thing? Ha! Lowered to £110? Can buy a decent Marui for that". So polite and respectful is precisely what you're getting. Good day sir!
  2. Actually you can get a WE M1911 from Asia for about £65. magazine's for about £14 each and the holster you can get on eBay for about £20... Not to mention that's the price for it all new, yours is clearly very well used with marks, scruffs and scratches all over. You don't sell second/ third hand stuff for retail price. Should be £80 to £90 max to be perfectly honest, nobody would pay £120+ for that.
  3. Spot on bargain price...
  4. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes, certainly Any other comments: Very polite chap, good communication and paid promptly just when he said he would. A man of his word, and very nice to talk to. Another plus, very grateful too! Rushed myself and cheekily skipped a bit of work just to make sure he got the item before the weekend (was sent Thursday). Most people would just of gave the usual "got it, ta", but not him. Wonderful guy!
  5. I was kidding mate haha just letting you know that Co2 is still referred to by some companies as "gas blowback". To answer your question however, 390FPS would be with a 0.12g bb as Cybergun do that a lot with their products. With a 0.20g bb, you're looking at about 310 to 330 FPS depending on gas used. If you're paranoid about it shooting too hot then use a low powered gas like 144 etc. I belive Cybergun are just a licencing company though. Much like the SOCOM GEAR M1911 is a licensed version of a WE M1911. So following that, Qlimax is right in saying WE magazines will work fine but so will Tokyo Marui. I have a Tokyo Marui M1911 and use WE magazines in it as well as I previously had a WE Desert Warrior and used Tokyo Marui magazines in it. It's most likely a clone or a retake on a WE and WE typically base their pistols off Tokyo Marui pistols (hence why you hear people say " it's TM compatible). Hope it helps.
  6. Co2 is a gas and many companies refer to a gun being "gas blowback" if it accepts or runs on Co2. So don't be so harsh on Qlimax
  7. Sold. Sorry maximo17000, you should of PM'd me as I don't check the thread unless to bump it.
  8. I'd say £400. I couldn't see anyone showing an interest at anything higher as you know that people only want the best stuff at stupidly low prices. Anything higher than £400 you'd just be getting trade offers.
  9. It's an FMA Maritime yes. I hope that was sarcasm Baz?
  10. Doesn't matter, you'd only get £100 to £130 max for it. You don't buy airsoft guns to break even or make profit, you buy them to have fun with them, then when you fancy a change you sell it for a low price to aid funding another gun or swap it. You'd get nothing but £100 guns offered for your CM16 as a trade, it's pretty much the baby blocks which everyone starts with. Nobody would pay access of £130 if you're lucky. Heck, I'd only pay £120, worth about £100. Nobody cares about a fancy stock on it, a stocks a stock, nobody would pay more than it retails for unless you have some "ultra custom" P* build or just a load of magazines, upgrades, batteries etc etc.
  11. There's only one real solution in which can only be described in one word... Semi.
  12. No G&G gun has "recoil", they have a pneumatic blowback (the faux bolt moves back from excess air after each shot and a spring returns the "bolt"). So about as much recoil as a fart from a squashed fly. If you want any recoil then you'll need to look at KWA ERG's, BOLT guns or Tokyo Marui Recoil shocks. The KWA and BOLT line both go for around £300 to £400 and TM's go for £400+ (seen some up for £850). So if you want the benefits of having an AEG to have the larger magazines, but also the benefit of a GBBR's recoil then you'll have to look at a part exchange (offering your gun and your cash in exchange for either of those brands).
  13. Just drop me a PM once sorted mate.
  14. You'll have to PM me as it tells me that you "cannot receive any new messages".
  15. Already got one, but is this of any interest to you?