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  1. Hi guys, i have not played airsoft for a long, long time and am looking to sell all my gear. This includes a couple of guns, helmets, bags etc.. Is there anywhere i can put it as one topic on this forum, with pictures of all it and a list of what it is and prices. Also, what is best way to check if someone's UKARA is valid if mine has run out? is it possible to do so or shall i get a friend to check. Cheers Guys! Dec
  2. I really don't know whether this is in the correct place, but I recently bought a Glock 18 and wanted a nice secure holster for it. I came across these 'Gun Clips' which said they fitted the Glock 17/19/22/23. I couldn't find one review saying whether it would fit my Glock 18, so I just decided to order one for £7 and found out it does actually fit the Glock 18, but it is very tight and has to be put under pressure to get it in place. I thought I would write this here in case someone was wondering about it. (Pictures of the Gun Clip Below)
  3. Bought a new pistol off kaza66, had no problems, was very quick getting here and nice polite guy. Rating: (1-10) 10 Would I deal with this trader again? Yes.
  4. Cheers guys, not sure when ill have the funds for the rails, will definitely share a picture once i think its done!
  5. Will do, just bought a firefly bucking and madbull 6.03 barrel to go in it! Thanks again for the help mate!
  6. I'm going to try and make a carbon fibre outer barrel on a lathe, will hopefully be able to fit a flash hider on the end of it to, looking forward to it all!
  7. Think i may need to take it to the work shop, there is not way i can get it off with my hands. i'm planning on changing the whole rails to one of these...
  8. Thanks a lot straffham, the ring is ridiculously tight, that's the reason i was unsure, will have to try and get it off, cheers!
  9. Not sure whether i'm being a complete idiot with this problem or not, I literally haven't found any help on how to remove these rails. I'm not sure whether the even come off, any advice of you guys or a link to help would be much appreciated, Gun is a G&P Spec Ops, Thanks (It is a secondary image found on images, not mine)
  10. Other hobbies? Gaming! Big on mountain biking! Design & 3D modeling!
  11. DIY

    The torch I am going to be using is the Led Lenser PSE so I will need where the bulb sits to be able to move. I think I will laser cut some safety goggles and do what you did to yours.
  12. DIY

    Just had a look for some polycarbonate for sale, that stuff isn't cheap! I can ask my tech teachers if they know where to get it cheap when then order stuff in. Also how do you guys apply the PET to say you're 551 replica, do you use glue to stick it down or different stuff?
  13. DIY

    Thanks, will look at getting some and cutting it for the protection, the torch in the pictures is rubbish, will get my good one on it soon enough, wouldn't want it breaking.
  14. DIY

    Is that the material that bottles are made of?
  15. DIY

    I think I am going to cut a piece of acrylic out to cover the lense to protect it.