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  1. Hi guys, i have not played airsoft for a long, long time and am looking to sell all my gear. This includes a couple of guns, helmets, bags etc.. Is there anywhere i can put it as one topic on this forum, with pictures of all it and a list of what it is and prices. Also, what is best way to check if someone's UKARA is valid if mine has run out? is it possible to do so or shall i get a friend to check. Cheers Guys! Dec
  3. Bump - Will now send this for £240 - Ukara required
  4. Bump - Will now send this for £250 - Ukara required
  5. I am located in Wrexham, North Wales to anyone else who is interested in this
  6. Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: M870 Breacher Accessories: 3 Shells, Holographic with laser and shell holder Condition: Used for 2 days or airsoft FPS: 290 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £265 + 20 P&P Pictures: Im selling my TM M870 breacher to help fund a holiday later in the year. The gun has been used twice and had great fun with it for the two days. The laser on the holographic can be temperamental but as you can can see in the pictures it works, i also think this will be an easy fix to stop it from happening. I had no problems with the gun and has been maintained well after every game. The FPS of the gun is also dependent on the weather of the day, i think when checked the guns FPS i was getting around 270-290 in January on a cold day. UKARA will be required to buy this to cover my own back (P.S if there is a problem with this post or you think the price is unfair, please let me know why)
  7. This is now sold
  8. Yeah still here - PM'd you buddy
  9. I really don't know whether this is in the correct place, but I recently bought a Glock 18 and wanted a nice secure holster for it. I came across these 'Gun Clips' which said they fitted the Glock 17/19/22/23. I couldn't find one review saying whether it would fit my Glock 18, so I just decided to order one for £7 and found out it does actually fit the Glock 18, but it is very tight and has to be put under pressure to get it in place. I thought I would write this here in case someone was wondering about it. (Pictures of the Gun Clip Below)
  10. Bought a new pistol off kaza66, had no problems, was very quick getting here and nice polite guy. Rating: (1-10) 10 Would I deal with this trader again? Yes.
  11. They haven't been used, so I couldn't really tell you sorry, I don't mind charging them all up a little bit and testing them tomorrow?
  12. Bump- £20 posted
  13. Bump- £40 Posted
  14. Make: Swiss Arms Item: Tactical TIRAS Vest - Tan Condition: Used, But good condition Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £45 Posted Pictures: This has been a great Tac Vest, only used it about 6 times. Reason for sale is that it is to big for me, and I also have a new vest. It comes with a Admin Pouch, Grenade Pouch and also a double pistol pouch. The is also a little rip (See Picture Below)
  15. Make: J.G.WORKS Item: x5 1100Mah 8.4v Batteries Condition: Not been used Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Yes/No/No Price/Payment: £25 Posted Pictures: