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  1. - my short gameplay video from Maddog Airsoft, give it a watch
  2. Biggest in game mistake for new players

    It's even worse when you start walking back to your regen point and you start to realise the people lighting you up were team members. I have been guilty of this. However, the player didn't have his hand in the air so I was not going to take any risks.
  3. Biggest in game mistake for new players

    When you see a couple people not listening to the briefing, not knowing anything about the engagement distances. That always gets on my boobies. Drives me nuts when a noob decides to go full auto from around 5 feet away. If youve never had it happen, its quite painful, especially when playing at 370 FPS limits. However, like previously said, there's a lot of noobs doing the other extreme and firing at someone a KM away.
  4. New video is up:

    - I do apologise for my commentary being so quiet, audio quality went down hill when after uploading.
  5. Cars just seem to be a money pit..

  6. - played around with some Video FX. Let me know what you think guys.
  7. Commentary attempt number 2, thankfully in full HD!

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    2. Kaneweeks


      Finally sorted out my POV as well, at first I liked being on the left side (was able to see my hands and gun in action) but now I think it will be better on the other side. Thanks for improvement!

    3. TPI


      I Liked it I'll hit you with a Sub whether i continuously watch Woodland game's i don't know but I've watched every Fish & Chip video ed's put up so you can count on atleast one of those views being me!

    4. Kaneweeks


      Thank you TPI, I appreciate the support!

  8. First ever time producing an airsoft commentary

    - not too sure on it, worth a go though. Let me know what you think.
    1. Airsoft-Ed


      I think it makes it far more interesting to watch, you need to get yourself a HD camera though, 480p is a bit lame. The commentary certainly helps raise the bar though. Hearing what you have to say is a nice reason to watch.

    2. Kaneweeks


      Ive got a ContourROAM2 and for some strange reason the video rendered in 480p and not 1080p. Think I'm going to re-upload, as it won't allow me to view in 1080p.

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      I thought you usually did stuff in 1080... Couldn't remember if it was you or LoneWombatAirsoft.

  9. Most recent Skirmish Footage:

    - hope you enjoy, let me know what you think.
  10. does airsoft hurt?

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    2. AK47frizzle


      point blank on skin = yes



    3. Dan_W


      ^How long did it take you to work that one out?

    4. Kaneweeks


      I got shot point blank in my balls on Sunday, I got it on video... I have two lumps :(

  11. ASG AI L96?

    Do not buy this RIF. It is not fully upgradable with WELL L96 parts etc. It requires modification and is a pain in the a**, unless you are handy with a file and saw. I wouldn't recommend it, i'd say pay an extra £10+ for the WELL/Warrior variant.
  12. How to duel wield an L86 LSW & M4.. Like a boss!

    1. Airsoft-Ed


      Is that a Vector I see? Why wasn't the focus on that?!


      Also, here's a link that works if you're not on a mobile device:

    2. Kaneweeks


      Hell yes it is, full review will be done on it tomorrow mate. It's badass, and very painful lol!


      Thanks again!

  13. Thought id do a nice helpful G&P M120 ROF comparison video!

  14. KRISS VECTOR, 49 Rounds?

    I used a Vector on sunday, incredibly badass gun!! just didn't cycle, due to temperatures.
  15. Might have to get myself a Dytac Invader Recon, tempting...

  16. Another thing with the buying BBs in 'bulk', if you have a friend who plays airsoft with you, go halves with each other. That way the cost upfront is less.
  17. I'd recommend putting some money away as soon as you get it, that way you don't spend it accidently etc. I currently save at least £30 every 2 weeks on buying 'cheap' food. To me, it tastes better and pays for a months worth of skirmishes, so its a win win for me. Gun wise, you want something that's cheap.. reliable.. common replacement/upgrade parts and inexpensive to repair (if it does go wrong, fingers crossed it doesn't). From personal experience, G&G Combat Machine or CM16 is perfect for this. Buy BBs in 'bulk' meaning you have to pay more upfront, but in the long wrong saving money, not much, but its still saving a couple quid (cost of a grenade or two etc.). Also, with the BBs, limit yourself on taking 4000 to a skirmish or something similar, that way you are not spunking them away like I used to. That used to cost me an absolute fortune Im a student whilst working part time, thankfully able to fund this expensive, but frigging awesome hobby. Hope a couple of these ideas helped mate, all the best to you.
  18. Game footage number 2:

  19. Game footage number 1:

  20. Awesome day at Close-Action and should have the footage uploaded soon

  21. Rise and shine, it's airsoft time!

  22. Failed my theory by 3 marks, i'd rather fail it by 20 etc. than fail by such a small margin.

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    2. Kaneweeks


      Well done buddy, good news.

    3. M_P


      Passed my practical with a clean sheet, no minors. just putting it out there :D:P

    4. Kaneweeks


      Thank for making me feel better lol!

  23. So, after waiting 76 days, my hop up buckings have arrived

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    2. TacMaster


      Whatever site it was, that is stupidly poor service...

    3. Kaneweeks


      It was a Hong Kong based website, called DealExtreme. Even though it's from Hong Kong, I didn't expect it to take 76 days lol.

    4. TacMaster


      Deal- then extreme waiting period :)

  24. I had a JG Bar10 GSPEC and it didn't even survive a whole skirmish, on a standard spring firing 380! It started slam firing just after half of the skirmish and well, the pot metal sears were torn apart. They looked as if they had been grinded off, I probably fired 200 shots and this was the result. I'd definitely recommend the 90 degree set up.