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  1. ASPUK do a full service which in cludes shimming - pulled this from their website: Strip Down De-Carbonate Motor Gear Box Strip down. Clean and Re-Grease. Re Shim Full Gear Box Inspection Hop Rubber inspection Re-fit and Align of Hop Unit. Inner Barrel Clean Return Postage £46.99
  2. I'm with the guy who uses cardboard boxes filled with foam/paper, so I can't offer different first-hand experience on the target making part. One thing that hasn't been covered though, is this: If your RIF cost you more than £50 - i.e. if it's at least semi-kinda-half-decent-ish - DO NOT RE-USE the BBs you're firing at your targets. they'll break your gun eventually Even small amounts of paper/debris/dust etc can cause internal problems which can easily be avoided by using fresh BBs every time you fancy a plink.
  3. Good luck bud, you'll never look back!
  4. That response could be applied to all aspects of this thread xD
  5. Or better at shouting "Hit" The theory behind using bio bbs is surely not under any scrutiny - nobody can argue against that fact that it's a good idea, we just need some company to figure out how to make them stand up to non-bios in both cost and performance. Perhaps somebody should get Elon Musk into airsoft.
  6. Never even thought about it like that
  7. Not read every reply (brace for flaming) but here's my two cents This has probably already been mentioned but the two problems with bio BBs are (where players are concerned) 1) They (in my experience, correct me if wrong) are generally much more expensive than non-bio BBs. 2) They are known for swelling causing all sorts of jams & problems to your expensive RIF (or they were a few years ago when i looked into this). That aside, yes in an ideal world it would be great if everyone used bio BBs but looking at it as a whole, the remains a few thousand skirmishers pew-pewing each other on a Saturday is a drop in the ocean compared with the impact on the environment caused by big-time industry.
  8. Hey man just spend a bit of time looking through google and these forums, input your own preferences, such as the type of thing you'd prefer and check out all the sites you come across. (as a starter I'd STRONGLY recommend an electric rifle or "AEG" over a gas one to begin with). For a lower budget I'd personally recommend but remember if you don't have a UKARA (again, search it on here and research it) make sure you get a TWO-TONE gun, or customs will have it! The other bit of confusion you'll run into is batteries.... There's a LOAD of stuff on batteries on these forums and around google etc. but to summarise from my limited knowledge, but not so limited experience, I'd say: 1. Get a LiPO battery and NOT a NimH 2. Get a "Smart charger" 3. The bigger the "MAH" number is for the battery, generally - the longer it will last before it needs recharging 4.The smaller the physical dimensions of the battery (it's height, width and depth), the better - it's more likely to fit in your rifle if it's smaller - obviously. 5. Voltage - this can get really technical based on your rifle, generally a better, or more expensive rifle(RIF) will be able to handle a higher voltage of LiPO battery (without getting into details about MOSFET etc.) - 7.4v is what you should aim for with a budget gun. --To summarise on batteries: Get the smallest 7.4v battery you can with the highest MAH number, and definitely a smart charger. AAAAAAAAAAND finally: DO NOT BUY CHEAP EYE PROTECTION, and a good pair of boots will go a long, long, long way. Literally.
  9. Hi all, Since the beta has been patched for this game on Xbox One, it's now very playable and the closest game (tactically) to a game of airsoft that I've found (800m long shots aside lol) There is already a thread for this for PC version here: Anyone wanting to team up on Xbox one, either comment here or PM me and we can buddy up Cheers, Cal.
  10. Gutted mate! I have heard that they're really good even for the normal RRP... However, the only one I've seen in use in the flesh broke on it's first outing!!! Given how fickle the internals of most AEGs are though, that's hardly a surprise - I've seen guns break after a short period of time from most big manufacturers including ASG, WE, Krytac, KJW and TM. Actually the TM was a hard kick which was butchered , sorry "upgraded" by it's owner.
  11. You'll be able to piece together what you need based on this thread and the sticky threads on the forum... Also check out the classifieds on here for a bargain AEG (electric gun, not a gas one). As a few people have mentioned, and I'll reinforce it.... BOOTS! If he's playing outdoor especially..... It's easy to lose your footing normally on most of the outdoor sites in the UK, never mind when you're getting pelted by BBs and running a top speed! Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a broken ankle... Oh wait...
  12. Saw on facebook this morning that ASPUK will be having a sale. They mainly stock ASG stuff but they do have all sorts. They have a small range in-store too, should you choose to visit in person (south Sheffield).
  13. +1 for Chris @GearTech Took a while for me to get my gun back from him but he does have a lot of work to do and the job he did was fantastic!
  14. Yet more inconsistencies in the policing of the laws in this country. Sickening that something so petty is acted upon yet genuine hate speech or photos that do cause genuine offense or distress remain a daily feature of my Facebook feed. @BALDYMONSTER Hope everything works out for you mate, sorry to hear about this.
  15. Shoot the lenses point blank several times if you dare (OBVIOUSLY NOT WHILE THEY'RE ON YOUR FACE!!!!!!) See how they hold up to it. As for a scientific, or factually backed answer, I can't and dare not help you with this one! Sorry!