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  1. You'll be able to piece together what you need based on this thread and the sticky threads on the forum... Also check out the classifieds on here for a bargain AEG (electric gun, not a gas one). As a few people have mentioned, and I'll reinforce it.... BOOTS! If he's playing outdoor especially..... It's easy to lose your footing normally on most of the outdoor sites in the UK, never mind when you're getting pelted by BBs and running a top speed! Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a broken ankle... Oh wait...
  2. Saw on facebook this morning that ASPUK will be having a sale. They mainly stock ASG stuff but they do have all sorts. They have a small range in-store too, should you choose to visit in person (south Sheffield).
  3. +1 for Chris @GearTech Took a while for me to get my gun back from him but he does have a lot of work to do and the job he did was fantastic!
  4. Yet more inconsistencies in the policing of the laws in this country. Sickening that something so petty is acted upon yet genuine hate speech or photos that do cause genuine offense or distress remain a daily feature of my Facebook feed. @BALDYMONSTER Hope everything works out for you mate, sorry to hear about this.
  5. Shoot the lenses point blank several times if you dare (OBVIOUSLY NOT WHILE THEY'RE ON YOUR FACE!!!!!!) See how they hold up to it. As for a scientific, or factually backed answer, I can't and dare not help you with this one! Sorry!
  6. I carry a pouch holding about 1000 bbs for spares. I rarely use it tbh but it's (almost) rattle-free and when i do have to dip into it, it's nice to know it's there.... You can get any material and stitch it together to make a small bag/pouch and superglue any screw top onto it (cut the top off a bottle of coke for example) - then you can fill that bag with ~1000 bbs or hoewver many you can fit in there and put it in pocket or pouch on your person. Alternatively you can buy them ready-made:
  7. If you get caught doing 32MPH on a road where the speed limit is 30MPH, you aren't penalized as you're given a leeway of 10%. It's my opinion that the same should go for site limits but that's a whole different conversation for another thread for another day. Obviously if someone comes out onto the field firing way over the FPS limit, that's wrong.... But if there's 10% leeway I PERSONALLY would be fine with that. For example, if you're shot from let's say 15 or 20 meters away and get hit at 330FPS, sometimes it hurts, soemtimes it doesn't. Get hit at 338FPS, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn't. The difference is negligible. (let's not get into joules here it's just a loose example) Get hit at 450FPS from the same distance though and it's probably going to hurt more obviously muzzle velocity and the speed a bb is going (before the weight of it is even considered) are different but you see my point
  8. Hmmm it's alright saying all this but as I said, I know some BIG sites where I've seen this first hand! Won't name names but we're talking sites with players that regularly exceed 100 players. I'm not a marshall, my guns aren't hot - personally I don't care, I just thought saying a guy "cheated" a chrono then insulting him for it was harsh.
  9. Yeah agreed - in theory. What I'm getting at is that in practice this happens quite regularly - otherwise sites would turn away a lot of money. I think one problem the sport/game faces is that you can buy a half decent pistol for the same price as a half decent chrono - give that decision to a new player and the thing they spend their cash on is obvious.... then when they turn up to a game day with a hot gun (unknowingly) - it puts the guys who run the site in a tricky situation.
  10. Yeah I empathize with both sides of the argument, I think it's just a case of applying common sense where appropriate. "Cheating chrono" sounds worse that it is though i think - I shot my KJW KC02 through two separate chronos two times (4 shots total) using HPA (for consistency) at the last site I went to - all the readings were different with FPS ranging from 303 -> 320 - so if the guy's rifle was only reading 5 or 10 FPS above then the same question of "where do you stop" can be asked again, if you chrono it 10 times and it shoots hot 9 times but shoots under limit on the 10th time - does the site just see that as a paying customer who complies with the health and safety rules of the site, and let them play? normally, in my experience - yes.
  11. I know of several (certainly two, both of which are large and professionally ran sites) where I have seen marshals say things just like this to people when their guns are a tad hot. What you've said here I feel is a tad harsh. The guy took one rifle that day, and clearly if those tweaks dropped the FPS to a "site legal limit", it can't have been much over the limit in the first place. In my opinion if a guy turns up to join in the fun (and that's what it is... FUN - too many people take airsoft way too seriously IMO) only to get sent home for being +5/10FPS over the limit, the guy sending him home is actually the (insert expletive here).
  12. If it's a brand new , or nearly new gun, some say sending a few mags' worth of BBs through it before chronoing it will lower the FPS. Not sure you'd get -10FPS out of it though - and I have no evidence to back this up - just hear-say from various sites.
  13. hire a mini-digger for the day and build a small trench system.
  14. Also own a FAST helmet, however I only really wear mine to mount my camera onto, if i can be arsed to get any footage. Great for CQB but I play woodland 90% of the time and I've noticed it's forever catching on vines/branches and either making the loudest scratching noise possible, or I end up dragging half a tree around with me. I wear a cap for woodland, offers a tiny bit of noggin protection, especially when it comes to being hit by BBs; as for banging your head against something it;s obviously not as protective as a helmet.
  15. Canted irons are a little gimmicky as tilting your rifle makes the hop spin the bb off the center of gravity and thus your line of fire becomes curved or arched. Still useful at close range if you have a DMR type setup, also makes for the occasional lucky shot round a corner which is hilarious.