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  1. I get what your saying but I only have cases to outdoor games and its manly long range engagements so need the fps more than the acsull accuracy as cant hit somone on the feild if the bb takes 3 seconds plus to arive I get this it's only outdoor games I have access to play at so need the fps so I'm not waiting 3 seconds to see if I hit or not and I'm not a fan of plastic guns think thay feel to light
  2. Got 250 to get gear box hop up and new precision barrel if I'm going thro this much may as well
  3. Money ain't a problem luckily was more just I've got over 1.5k worth of stuff already and orderd a warq helmet and desided I wonted a scar was looking about and I liked the full metal but couldent really find a none gas version (living in scotland game days vary from -3°c 10°c on hot day) so not ideal so went with this but not able to send back as already had to change my stock as came broken long story short I've had 1 buy that's not came broken all from difrint retailers some high end some low end just unlucky I geuse currently waiting on finding out how ups lost my packege and the backwards trace to try find it The Joy's ahaha
  4. Long storry short rather have a spare sitting thsre than risk further braking it and taking g to a tec when it's a possibility unlike just now it would be under warente but had nothing but problems EVRY time I've orderd somthing airsoft exsept from my sniper rifle and at this point will only be buying things in person .......not easy kit may not change for sometime but 6 orders 1 came working lol
  5. Have tryed tigiting whole way to puting it lose to point can spin with fingers and no joy I'd pribubly rather buy a new gearbox and try work on the old one than brake the whole thing
  6. I thought it was my bad Its same as ak with a difrince
  7. I've heard that thay have modified gesrboxses to the standard g2 same as my aug it's a gen 2 but difrint ahah
  8. So slowly start losing after fully tightened as as it is it's just sounding horrible
  9. It could be lost as far as ups guy will tell me I'm waiting to find out the from the guy from gunfire what's happend
  10. Exsactly I orderd a full warq helmet to find out france arnt aloud to post none esential itams so that's already a waiting game
  11. I'm not wanting a refund I just wint my itams ahaha sounding like it could be along wait
  12. I have contacted both contacted ups first to see what it ment by the update on the tracking when I was told by txt it was arriving today Have contacted gunfire aswell the guy is in the case was just curious if anyone knows how long roughly ro expect.....I mean I'm already having to wait for france to come of lockdown I dont mind the weight (orderd a warq helmet cant post till covid over as far as I'm aware) but when you pay for nxt day delivery and it's almost been 2 weeks then it dosent arive and the ups man wouldent say what was the problem when I asked if the packege was broken he seid no but I need to contact gunfire so I simply seid the last 3 itams have came broken via you guys so what is the problem because you obviusly deliver them when thare broken has it been lost and your trying to cover your side just tell me straight and he does it could be that but contact gunfire with I have done as stated just like to know what's happing or what to expect as last time for a return on a faulty itam took well over a month. Already got a hold of someone today so fingers crossed and took me a whole week to get a reply from the last one
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