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  1. Make: HFC Gun/Model: HGA192B FA Accessories: Railmount + Red dot Condition: Almost new + Used FPS: 300 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: maybe Glocks Price/Payment: 120 Pictures: Below Hi i have 2 pistols for sale, 1: HGA192B FULL AUTO PISTOL (black) - Almost new, never been on CQB events. Used a couple rounds at home for fun and that's it. 2: HGA192A Semi-AUTO PISTOL (grey) - Used, been on 4 CQB events. comes with Rail mounts and Red dot 3: HGA192B FULL AUTO PISTOL These are for sale only but, may swap for a pair of NICE Glocks. Cash on collection is highly preferred, Located in London, Wembley
  2. Make: Hfc Gun/Model: MAC 11 Accessories: Silencer Condition: Almost New FPS: 300 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: try your luck - you never know! Price/Payment 180 Pictures: yes Hi guys, First time posting and I forgot to my name next to my items (hope it don't kick up a fuss) I have bought these bad boys on a "SHOW OFF" basis only. they are a truly mental pair. They fire 30 bb's in less than 3 seconds. I truly love them, but they must go to a new owner. they have never been on any CQB or SKIRMISH events, they were bought, played with at home a few occasions in the back garden then hung on my gun wall and then back to their original box LMAO The price is £180: 2x Hfc MAC 11 + 3 MAGAZINES I may Swap for something I like, try your luck. A collection is honestly preferred and its Located in LONDON, Wembley.