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  1. Sure, 1. YES 2. NO, but i can provide and alternative box/packaging 3. YES, the sight have a new battery.
  2. You’re allowed to post what ever you want here in this thread related to Kriss Vector. Looks sweet as! I’m really liking the black and bronze. How far you’d say it will shoot? You still have it?
  3. Make: NA Item: Red/Green dot scope + 4x Magnify scope Condition: Very Good Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: NO NO NO Price/Payment: £60 all in Pictures: below Hi guys, here we have: Red/Green dot scope with 5 brightness settings 4 x Magnify Flip scope They are both in Excellent condition £50 Collection in Wembley, London or £60 all in (P&P and PayPal fee) Any enquires PM me. Thanks
  4. you're welcome mate
  5. Yes it's for the krytac, if it gets good enough reviews, I may buy one and drop the kit in it... althoughI'm not the biggest fan of AEG, eventually, the KWA vectors would be out of replacement parts then, good luck lol
  6. What he has done is unnecessary. Probably because he didn't have the correct parts. The connection he used is fine but not for airsoft use. but this is an easy job you can do it yourself. alternatively, Get in contact with Chris from HIGH-PRESSURE AIRSOFT and tell him I (mabs) put you through He is a very nice guy and will help you with the parts or anything HPA
  7. WTH is that? Do you mind showing us how the mag looks like with it, please? As far as I am aware, all you are required to do is simply open the mag base plate, unscrew the original valve and replace it with the tap, then replace the base plate again and bob is your uncle. The Spring looks fine and is fine as long as the inner piston goes back down again when you pull it out and let go of it.
  8. I quite find the process of the stick mags a little too long when it comes to changing...where did he place the tapp? below the mag (usual valve replacement) or below the feed spring? Have a pic? check if your piston spring (part 117) has not been snapped. Another way of checking for these errors are, point your gun downwards and test fire a couple times and do the same thing a couple times pointing upwards. Also, As @rocketdogbert mentioned, any damaged on the feed lips.
  9. Mhmm no, not really feeling inclined to do that lol
  10. Just as i found a good deal of the year...
  11. tbh It's not really a bad thing to not take airsoft seriously, some people build a wrong mentality towards it. for those who take airsoft very seriously in an actual live game are in definite need of a hug. #itakepimpingmygunsseriously
  12. Agree. This guy should definitely be on the watch list lol I think he just lost everything he put his money on and about to reach for it LOL