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  1. A lot cheaper than the real steel for sure! there is indeed stuff on the internet saying it's made by the real steel firm but honestly no way that thing is made by Sig. Official product with their name on it, yes. But made by gun smiths, no. Most likely a "creative" definition of the words "produced by". I don't have huge experience with firearms but I've handled and fired enough shotguns, rifles and even pistols since childhood that I can tell the difference between tool steel and pot metal alloy. The gunshop guys concurred immediately. So my feeling is it's most likely made in Japan by the same company that makes the ASG P09 C02 pellet pistol and the Gamo PT85 but beyond that I just can't tell, most likely to be an airsoft manufacturer though don't you think?
  2. Correct. Although I suspect it is made by an airsoft company and, if I'm correct, I wonder who. Probably a Japanese one I suspect, although I could be wrong on that. A bloke who sells them was apparently trying to tell me that they were made by Sig themselves which is obviously... erm, less than completely accurate shall we say and indeed my local gunshop (which also sells them) readily agreed that clearly no gunsmith went near something made of pot metal using C02 as a propellant. Interesting little detective story for my leisure time so I thought I'd crowdsource it and I figure the AFUK crowd is most likely to know.
  3. May I suggest the KWA H&K45? 40 yards+ range on .25s out of the box and it's got a metal slide (although it comes with a plastic outer barrel, I've replaced it with a Guarder steel one). KWA/Umarex H&K .45 GBB Airsoftology likes it too, there's a link in my review. I really love this pistol - it's super reliable in game, even yesterday at literally freezing cold Urban Assault and that's with a steel outer barrel. It is pricey though.
  4. And whereabouts are you?
  5. What's the range and grouping like?
  6. Sig Sauer P320 Black - .177 Pellet Air Pistol - CO2 Powered Air Pistols ...
  7. So I was on the phone to FireSupport and he said they were waiting on delivery of these and that there'd be Glocks 17 and 26. Opinions? Personally I'm pleased as I've had fairly good experiences with KWA GBBs and am very pleased with my Umarex/KWA HK45. I did however have a KSC G23F that gave me endless problems with light striking straight out of the box which had to be returned to the shop (not FS), that said it was the nicest feeling airsoft Glock I've yet handled, with a satisfying heft to it and a lovely slide action.
  8. After a lot of googling I don't think I can conceive of anything better than fan goggles with prescription lenses. The problem seems to be 3 main factors: . Temperature difference between outside and inside of goggles. . Glasses misting up inside even if the goggles themselves are fine. . Lack of airflow. Even if I was to invest in a mask like a Dye i4 with their double glazed thermos flask type lens (and I was tempted) there'd still be the glasses themselves misting up, the Eye Safety Systems 740-0207 Land Ops are US forces issue for glasses wearers and surely if they're good enough for soldiers they'll do for airsoft? But I can't see how the glasses won't fog up inside. Anyone have any tips as to which fan goggles take prescription lenses and which is best? I tried out the M88 helmet with visor doing some chainsawing the other week - fcukin' useless bucket, fogged up. I shan't be wearing that again. For the moment I shall have to stick with my Bolle Blasts with vent holes cut in the top and bottom until I've got my UKARA back, then I'll spend some money.
  9. This is fascinating, thank you Hangtight so many variables there, more than Real Steels in fact. One for the General Airsoft folder, phew, I should have paid more attention to the physics master at school! But basically a normal site limit of about 1 joule might get a .30 or heavier out to up to 60-70 yards? Whatever else I need to get a chromo, then I need to pay some real attention to matching hop up to BB weight as I get the impression that those foremost factors in airsoft range. I still wonder if a longer barrel would the best way of launching .30s or heavier up to 100m? And I can't think of a better use of space than a bullpup, that and the fact that if I get something like an AUG then i can easily whip the barrel off and change hops myself. But am longer so sure about the DMR thing, from what I'm reading here I get the impression that fps, like long barrel length is not one of those foremost factors. That being so, it comes down to: What is the optimum barrel length for the UK site limit of 330fps? And what is the optimum BB weight and hop for that?
  10. I plink quite a lot, having the space to do so as I look out onto fields so no neighbours. But it's quite windy and I've noticed that .20s are so carried by the slightest breeze that it can be a complete lottery, so hence my thinking that if I could fire something over .25s at the same speed I should get more accuracy. I guess my dream was to accurately fire over .30 without people actually dodging the BBs like they're Neo in The Matrix!
  11. I've had a 2nd hand (what I think is) JG G36C for a couple of years now and it's absolutely super reliable, not very long range, maybe 40 yards max, but maybe it merits a better hop? Plastic outer barrel which is a let down and the body plastic is creaky. I believe it was Oddies Airsoft said the new ones have gone down in quality markedly, so worth a bit of research.
  12. Does anyone know where these are made? I've been tempted by one of these but doubt the reliability. It's P226 brother is very like a short lived and unreliable Japanese made ASG CZ P-09 I owned: same magazine, same controls in the same place performing the functions etc. So I'd guess they share the same internals, and likely the same Japanese manufacturer as the other Umarex and Gamo pistols that also use the double ended magazine. The MPX and MCX rifles from the same range have "Made in Japan" on the side. It could be that the various SIG C02 are made in separate places but I'd guess that for economies of scale they have all their C02 guns in made the same place.
  13. Barrel blocker sounds like a good idea, not familiar with them but it doesn't sound like rocket science. BUT. I'm sorry if I sound like an fart but I must emphasise this: The first and biggest mistakes made there were having his finger in the trigger guard and pointing it at someone. Nothing wrong with carefully dry firing it in the safe area so long as it's pointed in a safe direction, but not aiming at people outside the game. After all Airsofts are actually more vulnerable to still having "one up the spout" than Real Steels as BBs are so much smaller easy to miss and not being automatically extracted like a cartridge, even with GBBs and springers.
  14. My initial instinct, born from shotgun and airgun experience, is that the longer the barrel the better. Of course this is airsoft not actual guns. My second feeling was that the shorter the gun the better and the length used by a stock would be better used with barrel, this is relevant to airsoft as well as real steel so hence: Bullpup. Easily portable and swingable in CQB. Downside is stock can't easily be adjusted for length of pull like and M4. But unless I actually will get any actual real world extra range out of it I wouldn't bother with a DMR of either configuration, I just hoped the 400fps limit might gain me the ability to shoot longer and straighter with heavier BBs. I was dreaming of being able to reliably reach out past 60m?
  15. So. If I understand this right a bullpup DMR might not be useful or even usable on many sites, and even allowed the 400fps, a lot of shorter barrelled assault rifles might reach out that far anyway, guess the extra 70fps isn't enough to make a difference. What I wanted was as much range as possible with a decent weight of BB (say .25-.36) with a long barrel in as short a gun as possible with the least wasted space, I was prepared to sacrifice full auto in pursuit of that aim (boom boom!). All due respect to the M14, FALs and M16s but that stock is just wasted space, so there's no downside to AEG bullpups as unlike the RS there's no trigger feel penalty nor is there a chamber full of propellant exploding next to my face. But seems the consensus is there's no real advantage just a matter of personal preference?