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  1. Cleggy

    TM P90 + Extras


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    Hi all, Selling my TM P90 which clocks in at around 260fps @ 0.25. Excellent piece of kit especially in CQB. Comes with: B&T Tracer Unit £40 Holographic sight with adjustable colour and brightness. £25 SureFire flashlight & laser with pressure pads and button switches. £25 1 point sling 3 Mid Caps magazines £25 ea 4 Hi Caps magazines £35 ea LiPo and LiPo charger. Accepting reasonable offers. Collection is prefered but postage can be negotiated easily. Looking for around £250.


  2. Been looking for my first expensive gun and I found this... https://www.airsoft-hub.com/item/698-specna-arms-m4-with-polarstar Is it worth £399?
  3. Cleggy

    Is this old standard TM mp5K worth £85?

    Nice man definitely a CQB gun, get a sling for it if its compatible!
  4. Cleggy

    UKARA Number

    You're definitely under 18 and asking the stupidest question on this forum. If you can't make 3 skirmishes in 56 days, then buy a two tone gun or one of those £20 spring pistols and get the same enjoyment in your back garden. We legitimately would be stupid if we just let you use our UKARA. Please don't ask again and go to the two tone section of patrol base...
  5. Cleggy

    Rushers / Speedsofters

    I don't think anyone would rush in like a headless chicken though if you have a limited amount of respawns for the team unless they are 100% noob of the earth. I agree though, speedsofting could be detrimental in these circumstances, but wasn't the case in the original post.
  6. Cleggy

    Rushers / Speedsofters

    Marshal was aware of what I was doing, and didn't say a word but laughed when I jumped because someone rushed me hahaha. However, the post was focused on player mentality towards speedsofters if it is allowed at said site. I think it's fair to be irritated by a player on the enemy team who is always up your arse and knife killing you. However when it gets to the point where firing rounds at me when Im dead (multiple rounds on multiple occasions) shooting me when the games not even started and just laughing it off and in game rage (Heard someone calming him down I think) due to dying is a different kettle of fish. I've never seen that sort of anger in Paintball, nor Airsoft before.
  7. Cleggy

    Rushers / Speedsofters

    How would you define spawn camping there though? I'd say if you're base is chrono side of the arena, then the couch room and tire stack next to it is acceptable. And for car side, moving around car across to light stacks is acceptable. I wouldn't hold the small angles that show enemy spawns, just catch them coming out of there side of the map into the middle so to say. Edit - I've been killed my people who push my base but not spawn and I look up at it, it's quite difficult to get into such positions to begin with, let alone moving around in a fashion that you're not in the same spot, but predicting enemy movements against your previous ones. I think all in all I just wanted to get some opinion into the area of speedsofting and people who are super aggressive and fast. I see lot's and lot's of different styles of play, and taking advantage of in game weaknesses isn't my problem but yours. 🤨
  8. Cleggy

    Rushers / Speedsofters

    I wouldn't say speedsofting isn't tactical though, I plan my route in a way that allows friendlies to push and gain positions, trading with a camper to regain rooms and what not. It's tactical play to be fast and efficient, rather than laying down 5 mags down a narrow corridor hoping for the best.
  9. Cleggy

    Is this old standard TM mp5K worth £85?

    Don't worry about it bro, plenty of guns out there!
  10. Cleggy

    Rushers / Speedsofters

    I call every hit I feel and I even call it if I think its hit my rig, there is times where I see someone firing a bunch of rounds at me on a sprint but I've just called it because they'd think I'm cheating if I didn't, fair to say they missed though.
  11. Cleggy

    Is this old standard TM mp5K worth £85?

    Im no where near an expert on guns, but I'd buy it and I already have an SMG. Nice piece of kit that.
  12. Cleggy

    Is this old standard TM mp5K worth £85?

    I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Question is whether you're bothered about FPS or not. My TM P90 shoots at 260 which is normal stock.
  13. Cleggy

    Rushers / Speedsofters

    Yeah I get that, Im 21 and a very slim healthy build and fast. Maybe so, my rig doesn't help either because I'm quite paranoid of whether I can actually feel the hits or not on it. As for adrenaline, that's a very good point, but I'd rather be pulled aside and told like 'yo mate you've been shot a few times and you've not called' then I'd understand and try harder to feel my hits. Better than getting shot by dead men and moaned about. At the end of the day rushers have more to lose because its getting back into that position and rhythm of moving around the enemy side, compared to just a small walk to base and respawn for victims.
  14. Cleggy

    Rushers / Speedsofters

    No rule against rushing, knife kills are ALLOWED I asked the martial after I knife killed this guy and he said sure. Just a bad experience with that sort of person. Staff are amazing there, very friendly people. He 'pretty much' full autoed me when I was dead and about 7 shots went into my face mask with my hand up saying dead man. I wasn't happy to say the least but its a game.
  15. Hi all, I would describe myself as a 'rusher' getting in behind enemy lines, catching people out and giving my team the opportunity to push up and regain positions. However I feel like the enemy team hates this and I've been shot by dead men (pretty much full autoed) for killing them in this fashion, lots of knife kills also just because I don't want to shoot someone 1m away but even then this guy was extremely salty. I've played 3 games now but I do have experience in Paintball and I just want to know if this is acceptable in CQB, I was pushing it to the max sweating my arse off, but I don't want people to think of me as a cunt because I play in a certain fashion, at the end of the day it's a game and I don't want issues with people because of a game. This situation was only 1 person, everyone was seemed to get on with it, but in general how do you see it? Just to note, this is my primary play style, other than that, I like to bunker down but I don't get anywhere near as much grief. Any insight into this?