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  1. Due to a the sale falling through my P90 is back up for sale drop me a pm if interested. I'll also drop the price to £100.
  2. SOLD
  3. Krytac mk2 spr love it.
  4. Here are the pictures of the P90.
  5. Make: Classic Army Gun/Model: P90 Accessories: 1xhicap,4xmidcap,red/green dot sight Condition: Good FPS: 340ish Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no/no/no Price/Payment: £110 Pictures: For sale here is my trusty Classic army P90 that I've owned for around 1 year and it's been used around 20ish times, this gun is in good condition there is only a bit of plastic off the top rail part that is in the picture, the gun is great for cqb and the mid caps feed very well (the high cap not so much). The red/green dot sight is one I picked up from Amazon and it does a good job, The mid caps are MAG Ines and all feed very well and are in great condition. The gun comes with 2 batteries one a 8.4 1600mah nimh and the other a 7.4v 1800mah Lipo both wired to deans as that is what the gun is wired to. The reason for selling is that I've got a new gun and wouldn't use this now, will post some pics straight after I've posted this. The price above is for collection only but will post at extra cost or could meet if you are in the north east Lincolnshire area. Will also mention I still have the original box. Thanks for looking hope I haven't missed anything out Matt
  6. Ha bloody iPhone I should read what I've written before pushing the reply button me thinks. Also regarding my previous comment I'm only going off what other people have said about Krytac guns and my own experiences with ones them.
  7. Can't go wrong with a Krytac will lady you ages and shoot for years
  8. Is there a 30k motor in it then?
  9. Is it the mk1 or mk2? Matt
  10. Yeah I was under the impression Krytac was a company of Kriss.
  11. Fancy a Classic army P90 wired to deans with flashlight reflex sight and 4 mid caps that all feed great? With some money your way?
  12. Thanks guys will just get a 7.4v I'll still get better rate of fire as well. Will get one order straight away. Any recommendations?
  13. Hi guys. I know this has already been asked somewhere on the internet but my search hasn't really come up with anything. I have a standard CA p90 I love the gun and it's great for cqc but I've only got 1 1600nimh 8v battery and it doesn't last very long so I'm looking to get a lipo I'd like a 11.1v maybe a 7.4 as well for when I'm not after rof, so I understand I'll need a mosfet so a question is what mosfet I don't need any thing amazing something that'll do the job, also when it comes to lipos I'll get a good charger with balancing but one thing I'm not sure about is the discharge rate the common seems to be 25C I take it the higher the discharge the faster rate of fire? Sorry if you've answered this all before but I don't want to go and throw money away on some bits that won't be worth it. Thanks guys Matt
  14. Goggles still for sale?
  15. Ok I'll have a look into getting a tight bore barrel and flat hop, I do also want to get a Lipo and mosfet for it as well as changing to deans at some point. Thanks for all your help guys have you got any suggestions on what barrel and hop up? Maybe magbull?