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  1. Nice stock
  2. I have a 2600mah which looks as thick as that and that only just fits the stock and to be honest after a 5 hour game day I’ve only used half of the battery, so I’d recommend getting a smaller mag so you know it’ll fit. also get your batteries from they are much cheaper.
  3. Am I wrong in thinking that they are basically the same internally? As I’m wanting to get some TM parts to swap into my WE.
  4. The local site near me is full auto, and on a game day with only 4.5k square foot space and 25 people on each side it can be chaos sometimes I’d rather it be semi auto tbh.
  5. I didn’t have any import hassle through DHgate.
  6. If your not very tech minded I’d get it done by kingdom of airsoft they do some very good work. for me personally if I was going to upgrade my SPR I’d get a edgi 6.01 tightbore and r-hop it, with a promy bucking for good air seal, maybe A promy steal cylinder for better air volume. as long as you’re using good quality bbs you should be fine with the barrel being so tight. I’d also consider a 30k high torque motor if you like to use semi for better trigger response. But to be honest Krytacs are very good out of the box guns. Haven’t come across many guns that can put perform them massively, but I’m sure a gun upgraded properly would be a beast.
  7. Until some numpty fell off to swim with the fishes.
  8. The mags feed great and have a bit of wobble but I sorted that out by putting a little bit of sticky Velcro in the mag well and no wobble what so ever now. I couldn’t believe how good the mags felt when I first got them as well very high quality. I’d recommend getting them, you get what you pay for in this case.
  9. Everything apart from the gun flashlight and scope is new has them for a couple of weeks now, oh and the stock is a new addition.
  10. Sorted the UBR stock guys. Got an old bugger tube and removed the runners for the crane stick drilled some holes to screw in place and hey presto it fits nice a snug, will need some new batteries though as my 1300 lipo is a very tight squeeze.
  11. The air-hop looks good to me.
  12. Could be I will see what my wife’s uncle can do and if it’s not possible will do what is said above.
  13. I got it from, came from China so probs won’t send it back, I probs should of asked in the wanted section. i didn’t know that GBB and AEG buffer tubes were different when ordering the stock. If you don’t use the stock anymore I’ll happily take the aeg buffer tube off your hands
  14. Hmm that could be an option. as you can see from the picture the insides are both different, my wife’s uncle makes ride on steam trains so is rather handy with welding and metal work so he might be able to weld me something inside the UBR buffer tube to get the screw and retention plate in.
  15. There is only a fixing point and then you use a screw with a metal plate to fix it in place.