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  1. Is it timed or impact?
  2. Thought it would have been covered before, will give .30g ago next time I'm out.
  3. Hi all. This mate have been covered before but I'd like to get other people's thoughts on this, I was at Humber airsoft on Sunday and for the first couple of games I used .25G to get rid of. After I switched to .28G and there seemed to be a big improvement on range and accuracy does anyone else find this? I use a Krytac SPR if anyone asks.
  4. I use a 2600MAH 7.4 Lipo and last me my 5-6 hours with just over half used, couldn't say how many BBs I go through though.
  5. I'm sure about fitment but PTS EPM magazines are widely used and are top notch for build quality and durability.
  6. Strange it's either someone who was playing that night or someone who drove all the way down that track, with out anyone noticing which would be hard tbh.
  7. There was one for sale ages ago, have a look on google as well from what I can see they're from the 80s.
  8. Will keep an eye out as I'm in Grimsby and play all the sites around this area.
  9. Sold and sent
  10. PTS EPM mags are great with little wobble and great build quality.
  11. Sorry for the late reply I'm in Grimsby. just add I'm also open to swaps if anyone has a CQB style weapon.
  12. All these fancey set ups. My gun is it's in box on top a cupboard ready for use.
  13. All I've been saying to my wife is ooh look a G36 ooh look a M4, she just looks at me with one of those wife looks and carries on what she's doing.
  14. Price dropped to £90
  15. No not as much as the Krytac mags, but enough room so it doesn't rub on the mag well.