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  1. Sold and sent
  2. PTS EPM mags are great with little wobble and great build quality.
  3. Sorry for the late reply I'm in Grimsby. just add I'm also open to swaps if anyone has a CQB style weapon.
  4. All these fancey set ups. My gun is it's in box on top a cupboard ready for use.
  5. All I've been saying to my wife is ooh look a G36 ooh look a M4, she just looks at me with one of those wife looks and carries on what she's doing.
  6. Price dropped to £90
  7. No not as much as the Krytac mags, but enough room so it doesn't rub on the mag well.
  8. They fit well with not much wobble at all and feed perfectly as long as you don't fill them all the way, the mags are the best quality I've seen as well.
  9. My newish Krytac SPR in lovely green, only had it a little under a year and love it compared to my last gun. fitted G&P red dot, stubby grip and wired to deans, shoots brilliantly.
  10. I see, that's why they say use a 11.1 my bad never used one only seen a friend using one.
  11. In my honest opinion I wouldn't like to put a 11.1 Lipo in any gun but that's just me, With the Evo having a small mag it would blast through bbs very fast I'd of thought. Personal opinion though.
  12. I got my Krytac from Patrolbase but you can get them from a lot of retailers ProAirsoftSupplies. With regards to replacement parts I cant imagine why they would be hard to get a hold of, I'm abit crap with distance as ive only been playing for a year but I can see my Krytac matching an Evo I'd hope.
  13. Pretty much hit the nail on the head, You could buy a £100 gun and have it shooting 400+ fps doesn't mean it'll be accurate just illegal in some cases. As mentioned above by more knowledgeable people its about the internals.
  14. I've got a mk2 SPR that I've owned for a year and I must say it shoots very well and has great accuracy out of the box, I cant really comment on the evo but I've only heard good things about them. Best thing to do is go and have a look at both in a shop if you can.
  15. p'md