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  1. Norwich Vs Ipswich - Come on town !

  2. Land electrical taped spacers? anyways, great video, covered everything that you need to know for disassembling. dropped a like
  3. Yah, bit of a shame, will probably look into other sites. sure I'll see you someday!
  4. ffs look at me..
  5. Will do when I get back from school, for sure. Ah thanks Hangtight.
  6. Finally getting back into airsoft. should be returning here soon, as Ravens has closed down.
  7. Yes, I am speshal. I'm sure I've said before.. dont need to be so harsh :/
  8. chill out
  9. Does it matter which type of masking tape? Or just the bog standard masking tape this used to be put over where you don't want to get spray paint on for example. reason I ask this is because in many builds I've seen coloured, slightly thicker looking masking tape, which looks less papery and more rubbery. Maybe it's just me. So which type of masking tape is it? Or just the normal paper brown/whitey type colour stuff which is as fin as paper? thanks
  10. ah, is it too weak? - that's my guess.
  11. That seems a good alternative too. Thank you.
  12. Sorry, forgot to state, but it will be for sniper rifles. thanks, will use masking tape in that case then. Probably 4 spacers or so. thanks
  13. Going to make some homemade ones. I am going to use electrical tape (insulation tape) for the barrel spacer material. It is either this or masking tape, but I opt for electrical tape as it seems a better choice. So is Electrical tape a good material to use, or am I making a fatal error with my choice? also, with the barrel spacers, they should be reasonably tight to the outer barrel yes? Thanks.
  14. Hey PT, long time... Wow, that sounds awesome - doubling the distance I could hit accurately before I installed the AA unit. I'll need to buy some .43g BBs, and give them a go. But 100m sounds pretty awesome. I just tested it out in the garden, and it fires. Which is a relief, the worst would've been for it all to break down. Which isn't the case fortunately. Ill look at Joule creep, and see what happens, but that will probably be the next game day. thank you PT
  15. Is this forum still active? anyways, I have a question. just installed the AA hop chamber into my Mancraft TM VSR-10. so: TM VSR-10 PRO w/ Mancraft kit AA Hop chamber using .4g Geoff BBs TM Bucking what sort of distance should I be able to hit accurately. obviously I'll find this out myself, but it's difficult as I can't test shoot it anywhere really without risk of breaking the law... But just to get the rough idea of it. What do you reckon? thank you