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  1. I'd happily be up for it and probably a couple of others I know would come along too.
  2. I do not want to urinate on your bonfire but I do know quite alot of AEG's and after all the work I did to it managed to push it up to 300 fps. The barrel in question was not the original stock barrel. I took the gun to a techie after running out of ideas and I was going to get a newer barrel anyway and that is where we checked the diameter and suggested for the 6.03. I had to replace most of the inner workings of the gearbox etc as they were pretty worn and even the nozzle had some slack and play.
  3. Right, After doing some investigation and throwing money at new parts which has done me a favour as the others were worn and needed replacing anyway.... The barrel which was installed, was not the stock barrel and I checked the internal diameter and it was reading 6.07mm which would explain why I was getting the poor FPS. I am going to order a 6.03mm tightbore so hopefully the air around the BB will be reduced and more will be behind the BB when fired..... In theory lol.
  4. I did try that but I was having issues with it. Probably bad batch but then I have noticed many clones on ebay which claim to be IMAX B6 but its a chinglish import :S In my opinion the charger I use for its price range is a brilliant charger and speaking to many people who use them has not had an issue and they have been running for years. Everyone has their own personal preference on the charger they like to use.
  5. When I first started airsoft, I was using a cheap and nasty battery charger for my LIPo's I got hold of a half decent battery charger from my local model shop for under £30. I think I paid £27 for a radient Primal charger. Not only it does LiPo's, It also does NiMH and NiCd's also. I did have to make my own Tamiya to deans connector as the charger came with a deans connection but spending a few mins making up a new lead I was well away charging. I managed to charger several batteries over a course of the morning. Its very simple to use and has various charging ratings too.
  6. I have several pair of Bolle goggles. One of my fav pair was the dark tinted from tool station and not once have they have fogged up.
  7. The hop wasn't all the way off as I was doing some pre fire testing and adjusting before it came to chrono.
  8. Ok sitrep, I checked the nozzle and it was the standard crappy plastic stock one. I have now purchased an SHS nozzle for a fiver with an o-ring and I have increased the FPS to around 280 now so I think im gonna leave it there now.
  9. I shall check if its a JG. I think it is as the gearing is all JG, The only issue is that I'm not sure its full history as someone purchased it, Sold it to someone else etc then it came into my possession. Its like a prozzy, Everyone has had a turn lol.
  10. It's been the same roughly, Probably a slight improvement when fitted the new gear. I have the cylinder with the hole in the side on the back part of the gearbox. Its a V3 gearbox
  11. When I put it back together, I made sure I did it correctly, Checked, Rechecked, Double checked etc. Dried fired when just the gearbox was out to made sure I could get air coming out etc. I have not changed the nozzle so I think that is the next port of call.
  12. Hey guys. My g36c is firing around 230/240 fps. I have fitted a higher spring and spring guide, New piston, New seals, New bucking and nub, Put PTFE around the end of the hop up where it meets the barrel and there is no significant increase. Any ideas what I could do next ?
  13. I've been having a look around and it looks quite good so far. I do feel like others, Having skirmish sites on there, There are other sites which do have a list of all the sites with other info about them. If it is possible then to put on the site a check box for that site so if a player ticks it then it shows a list of other players who have registered and ticked that site.
  14. Quite easily. Id promise them I would take them shopping and voila I manage to escape lol
  15. I went last wednesday 9/11/16 and I found it very enjoyable. Defo torches are needed as you can not see much which makes the game far more interesting. It being my first time, I was very apprehensive but once we signed in and did what we needed to do then it was a great night. For a game to get away from the Wife, Girlfriend, Misses, dog, Misstress, family etc and on a evening then this is worth a shot. I would happily go again and I am hoping to go again tomorrow night I am going again tomorrow night.
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