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  1. Krytac uk on FB are very knowledgeable if you get stuck or need advice..
  2. Sorry some mags sold others mislaid?!!..
  3. There's been a robbery local to me.I say robbery because it was a burglary at business premises.It looks like No details as yet
  4. Until they can compare on the field players will be wary and reluctant to use them.My mates and myself won't even consider them after the issues my brother had with them,you can't blame us....
  5. No it doesn't compare to what you can get non-bio's for,and decent brand such as ??Blasters..
  6. Unfortunately I can also say the same for Blasters,we use them all the time and they have never caused issues.My brother inadvertently purchased a box of their Bio's by mistake..and it was a massive mistake,they would not work in his main due to the tightbore so he had to use his back-up.They were inconsistent and lacked any accuracy.. he couldn't even give them away. I doubt I'd use them if I was given them tbh..what else can ruin your day easier than crap bb's?
  7. Bump...
  8. Reading the OP's post..W0W..Cheaky b... A friend of mine had issues but only relating to a gun,it failed and he was of the mind that it wasn't new.When he got it it was firing wildly hot,nearer 400fps. They weren't overly helpful and when they downgraded it the very next day out it failed terribly,they tried to blame him at first!?! but eventually fixed it. Kit,bb's,etc,seems fairly priced. IMO some people shouldn't tech for the sake of a few ££ and the chance of a bad rep with in such a small/tight-knit community,I doubt these are airsofters TBH. Saying that and reading the above to be fair £20-£30 above other shops ain't a big deal if you can get to see the guns prior to purchase. I'll stick to Taiwan Guns and Firesupport...
  9. I would suggest before you buy ask for any reviews on here,the reason I say that is that my wife paid a fair bit for a pair of gloves for me that were highly recommended and they turned out to be ultra disappointing,the reason I say that is because of the cost and I expected the performance to reflect that..if I could remember the make I would tell you..leave it with me....
  10. I've tried many pairs too and surprisingly it's not the most expensive that are the best.I found Mechanix "the original"(cheapest on Amazon btw) gave me the best results and lasted the best.There are plenty of fingerless gloves available,again look on Amazon for ideas. What you need to be aware of is that they may be "hard" when new but use will soon soften them,also bear in mind that detergent may have an adverse affect on the stitching,if I need to I tend to throw them in the bath after I've been in there as opposed to the washing machine. My tight brother uses work gloves from his place of work,they seem to work ok and they're free.There are plenty of fingerless gloves available look on Amazon for ideas. I'm a mitten and string man myself...
  11. Make: Kilo 9 Item: 4000/1KG 0.25 bb's. Condition:New unopened. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No. Price/Payment: £12 all in. Never got round to using these today,I have a plethora of bb's hence this sale. Price reflects postage...cheers..
  12. Make: FMA/ICS Item: Dummy battery box/PEQ Condition: New/Used. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No. Price/Payment: £10 each fees and posted. 2.x PEQ-16 battery boxes.Extendable 1 shown short/1 shown extended. Inner chamber dimensions: 75/100 mm x 50 mm x 18 mm. I bought these for my guns but they are too small. 1 X ICS magpul style stock used but vgc.£10
  13. Thanks..
  14. I'm the cause and it's quite old,I think it's just wear and tear. Go for metal/ali over polymer? Cheers for the advice.
  15. I damaged my piston in my CS upper gearbox so I need to replace it. Std gearbox any recommendations and any to avoid?...thanks//...