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Maruyama ACP9K GBB


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I was planning on writing this after using it in a game but I got man-flu so obviously I was dying and couldn't make the game day but I'll do a mini-review anyway since I've been messing around with it and put about 20 mags worth through it.


A bit about the Real Steel version:

“APC” is an acronym for “Advanced Police Carbine.” The “K” stands for “Kurz,” or “short,” and “B&T” is the shortened name for Brügger & Thomet of Switzerland. The APC9 was introduced to Europe in 2011 in 9mm, and was quickly engineered for .40 S&W and .45 ACP offerings. The standard model's barrel length measured 7 inches and featured a right-side folding polymer stock. A carbine variant with a 16-inch barrel was also developed for the commercial market, as well as integrally suppressed models.


I've seen this advertised as the SCW-9 and the APC9 however if you follow the B&T naming convention this this is actually the B&T SMG ACP9 K PRO G. Which translates as a Sub Machine gun made by Brugger and Thormet called a Advanced Police Carbine in 9 x 19 mm calibre with a Kurz barrel with a Glock Magazine lower receiver and the PRO part is anyone's guess.


So there is now an airsoft GBB version of the B&T SMG ACP9 K PRO G made by Maruyama. Well I have no idea who Maruyama are and the box claims it was designed in Japan and built in Taiwan. Is this actually a VFC built GBB? It takes VFC style Glock Magazines but apart from that fact I don't see anything that screams out VFC. I think it might be a new company called Maruyama but I could be wrong and time will probably tell.



Ok, so on with the review. What do you get in the well packaged brown box? The GBB SMG, a 50 round magazine and a fake silencer/suppressor, oh and a little allen key to adjust the hop.


You might have noticed there are no markings on the SMG. I guess this is to get around any trademark issues outside of Japan.


The silencer is actually a inner barrel extension and has an effect on the FPS when attached. With the magazine filled with 144a gas and the magazine temperature at 21C, the FPS is 290 which is pretty consistant. By adding the silencer this jumps to 355 so you get a 70 FPS boost by fitting the silencer on average. As you can see below the silencer can be stripped down and the inner barrel removed if you want to keep the FPS down or add a tracer to the inside of the silencer. One thing to note is the silencer is very tight to get on and off. I think this is down to the paint and should become easier are the paint wears down over use.


I have a few different VFC glock magazines and they all fit and work fine. I actually prefer the Maruyama magazine over the VFC mags and in fact I just ordered some more as they are cheaper than the VFC 50 rounders and seem to work very well. The Maruyama mag works well in my VFC pistols just in case anyone was wondering. TM/WE/Raven mags don't fit this GBB.


VFC G19X mag in the GBB


VFC Glock 19 Gen 3 in the GBB

Adjusting the hop is easy and involves putting the supplied allen key in the hole in the front of the receiver and turning left or right to get the desired hop effect. The good news is that you don't need to disassemble the GBB to adjust and it can be done on the fly with a magazine loaded. The other plus side is the hop unit has no issues hopping 0.3g BB's and I've tried a bunch of different BB makes and had 0 jams, 0 splitting and 0 malfunctions. In fact I've had zero malfunctions with about 20 odd mags through it. It's a very reliable little GBB.


Inside the wear seems to be minimal after 20 odd magazines. I don't see anything to cause concern right now. 


wear near the barrel is minimal. The grey is a mixture of paint wear and grease.


the bolt front shows the same paint wear and grease


The rear of the bolt shows wear from hitting the buffer.


there is hardly a mark on the trigger group.


My conclusion:

Weirdly it didn't come with any iron sights as standard. You can't find B&T iron sights that easily so the closest will be the IWI polymer flip up sights if you want to run irons. I don't know why this bothers me so much :)


function and fitment are spot on. Zero complaints from me and it has a nice recoil to boot. Accuracy is about the same as a GBB pistol but slightly better as it has a stock attached. Range is decent but BB weight and gas used with vary the results.


Negatives: Probably spare internal parts long-term will be a problem and I wish the selector lever was metal instead of polymer but that's just nit-picking.


On the Mightjebus review scale it's a solid 4 out of 5.


p.s. The Omega 9 tri-lug tracer silencer fits and works very well on this GBB.

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Thanks for the write up! I’ve been eying one of these up since they launched, it’s getting ordered.


What kind of range were you getting on the day? Any noticeable issues with cool-down being a 50 rounder?

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33 minutes ago, Wavey_Gravey said:

Thanks for the write up! I’ve been eying one of these up since they launched, it’s getting ordered.


What kind of range were you getting on the day? Any noticeable issues with cool-down being a 50 rounder?

 at 290 FPS on 144a I was getting around 45m with 0.3b bb's. As for cooldown, nothing to write home about to be honest. I think over 50 BB's I was dropping about 10/15 FPS

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57 minutes ago, JimFromHorsham said:

Interesting little piece ! did you import directly or is there a U.K. retailer handling them ?

From another thread, he got it from JK Army, covered in a load of crazy orange tape!


Ive gone for Action Airsoft, hopefully they’re not as slow as people are claiming.

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used it this weekend at the UCAP Vendetta site. Worked flawlessly and had zero issues. The only negative was I only has 1 x 50 rounder and the other 4 mags being G17 & G19 mags which meant I had to do a tactical withdrawl (run away) to reload the mags in a safe place. I was using .28g tracers and it was hopping them very well.



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I received some new Maruyama magazines and it seems there are a different design. They still work fine but thought I'd mention it for reference.


Old style has the fill valve in the bottom of the mag whereas the new version has the fill valve just below the knocker valve.




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God I wish this took mp9 magazines… I would have got it on a heart beat because it just looks so much cooler with straight mags in my opinion.( Sad mp9 gbbr enjoyer noises )image.thumb.jpeg.53d965e8ddd087f97e7cbd11e48a7e06.jpeg

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5 hours ago, Brokencreation said:

God I wish this took mp9 magazines… 

ArchWick is making one, September ish release.


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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and possibly forgotten) topic.

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