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WE/Cybergun Desert Eagle slide/frame/mag compatibility

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Evening all. I'm hoping someone with experience of both versions of this gun can tell me the feasibility of my plan. Heads up, it's a bit niche. 😄


What I want:

The full auto (metal slide) version, with a metal frame, with no under rail, that takes the full auto CO2 mags.


The problems I have:

I have 2 full auto versions with 10 mags. They have metal slides and plastic bodies, with a riveted under rail.

I ordered two metal bodies which never came. What did come from that order was 1 green gas magazine... which doesn't fit the full autos.

This has led me to believe that at least one metal frame is incompatible with my full auto slides. Is this the case?


Why the **** am I doing this?

Because I have a Deadpool cosplay and the holsters are sculpted to fit his Desert Eagles that have a railed barrel like the XIX but no under rail. I don't particularly want to drill the rail rivets out and would much prefer to replace the entire plastic frame with a metal one.


Hopefully that makes sense. Apologies it's a bit specific but I was on the cusp of buying two full metal semi-auto versions, just for the frames, when that magazine mis-fit gave me pause.


Included is a pic of DPs gun. I want that, but full auto, full metal, CO2 powered. Can it be done?


Cheers in advance 

R_B+Desert+Eagle-16 (2).jpg

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While I can't tell you what's compatible with what etc, I have a question:

Do the two pistols, with their plastic/metal mix work as they should ? 

If the answer is yes then, & it's just my opinion, carefully drill out the unnecessary rails, make good any holes left behind & if needed, remould the holsters for a better fit. 

Some of the desert eagle kits I've heard of previously are notoriously hit & miss when it comes to quality control, & getting any semblance of acceptable reliability usually becomes a money pit that is impossible to recoup later on. 

And your doing it X2 lol. 


Good luck 👍

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The green gas mag you received will be for the WE Desert eagle licenced by cybergun. The CO2 full auto desert eagles are made by KWC (licenced by cybergun). the WE is semi auto only. I'm pretty sure this is right.


There are 2x full auto desert eagles made by KWC. One is the standard DE and the other is the L6. You'd expect them to both be compatible given that the only real difference is the rail on the lower frame. But as you say you won't be certain of this unless someone out there has both models and can check. If the KWC L6 and standard DE are compatible then you have the problem of finding KWC parts which are quite hard to find. I'm guessing the metal bodies you ordered were for the WE desert eagle or perhaps for the Tokyo Marui.

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