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I Don't Want to Be the UKARA Question Guy but....

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Firstly, I'm not the kind of person who doesn't do their research first! Please don't think I haven't been reading through the forum and on the Google because I have 😄


Initially I was going to ask about the 2 months rule (Because I read on a site that you need to cram 3 games into 2 months, now I see it's 3 games in over two months)


What I wanted to ask though, is do all 3 games need to be at the same site?

I'm going to Torrington this Sunday for my first game, but it's about 45 mins from me which is fine, there are sites that are mere minutes from me so I was hoping I could pick and choose?


Just curious, genuinely sorry if this has been covered - I did look! 😎

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I seem to remember, from way back when I did mine, that they didn't all have to be at the same site if they were all with the same company.

You build a play 'history' as the form of defense and staying with the same company or site gives them the 'proof' that you are a player over time.

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@Dacks_18 UKARA doesn't allow for visits to other sites for the 3 game rule.  It's one of the limitations.  Would be good to see any future system incorporate such a feature, however any system like this costs time and money.


Technically you could get proof you played these sites on the dates and then ask the retailer if that would be sufficient enough for them to sell the RIF to you.

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Yep, if a site organiser/owner runs more than one location, there's nothing to stop them allowing use of all their locations to count towards ukara qualification, after all it's the same owner that then registers you.

One thing to ensure is if they have a form to log your 3 games, you don't want to approach them after playing the said 3 games, only them to deny knowledge of your attendances.

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The UKARA system is a central database collating the membership lists of sites.


The number of games comes from guidance and collaboration between government and the airsoft industry.

This establishes that Timmy is a ‘skirmisher’ as opposed to turning up for a one off party etc 


A business with multiple sites can therefore run their membership across the sites.

Theoretically different businesses could stamp a card and ultimately sign you off as a member of one of them (but as businesses, why should they?)


The Southampton University society were able to establish themselves as a UKARA ‘site’ enabling them to count the events attended by members at different businesses.


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