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Aac T10/Mk23 Build - Ex Srs or Vsr?

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I've got a T10, and it's a good alternative. It is VSR compatible; I swapped out the guts from my Cyma 701 and they all went in no problem and work well. The fake magwell for storing a magazine i

@Steveocee I’ve just ordered a “knock-off” MK23 (asg) from patrolbase on Wednesday which is hopefully arriving Monday and ordered some upgrades for that from Longbow and skirmshop.nl which all has arr

Well just ordered my T10 - I went LongBoi in black and it arrives .......................... TOMORROW!!! I just had the delivery email notification from DPD and it’s coming all the way from AirSo

On 03/09/2020 at 20:03, MiK said:

white “pokey nozzle” on it ?

It's called an airbrake and you should leave it on as it helps a lot in reducing the sound signature.

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Ok done the install - wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be - just really took my time.


I did some Chrono on .2’s and .4’s I haven’t adjusted the hop yet - just wanted to see what was what - there’s some variation in FPS tho ( I had changed to .4’s on the chrono just forgot to change it on the app but the numbers match the chrono) with the variations is that a air leak or just a bedding in thing ?







Also the mags a little stiff getting it in - any reasons for that ?

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No, it shouldn't vary by more than a few FPS really, so there must be a leak somewhere. 


I'd check the piston & cylinder section first.

Unscrew the outer barrel and take the trigger, receiver & cylinder. Cock it it, then cover up the cylinder head with your thumb or something. 


The piston should stop partway if your seal is good, but if not it'll release all the way. 

If it's bad, fix that then try again until sorted, reassemble & re-chrono to test the consistency. 

If the air seal is good but you're still getting a wide range then look at the hop unit and barrel to fix any leaks there. 

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@Hudson Ok I striped that down to trigger/upper/cylinder when I fire I can hear a kind of “faint bubbling” inside of the cylinder - sounds like air is coming out of the middle/back of the cylinder nothing seems to be coming from the nozzle

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@Hudson All sorted !!

After stripping it all down and remember that white peg I was asking about yesterday ??
Well it wasn’t tight enough ;) got that sorted had a nice seal and was firing around the 460-465 mark then I tweaked the hop-up a little and it went 472-475  - don’t have any screenies as I did a firmware update when it popped up and I lost everything and now it’s tipping it down so can’t get back out.

But if  it’s nice tomorrow evening I’ll try again and get some numbers for both .2 and .4

/cheers for the pointers 

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FWIW don't lube the outside of the cylinder with grease or oil. It will attract grime and dust and just erode away at your cylinder and receiver. The best thing I've found is Muc-Off do a PTFE dry lube product for about £5 which leaves things buttery smooth but is totally dry.

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