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British collection

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Hi guys. 

I would like an evaluation on my collection please. 


I would like to point out that at this stage I am NOT selling or willing to split any parts.

I just want a rough idea on prices until such time I do decide to sell. 


This collection has alot of real parts across the board and alot of one off piece/parts.  

All FPS are unknown at this stage, but will be checked upon time of possible sale. 



Make/brand:  Ares Aw338 spring

Any accessories included: 

2 magazines

Guarder scope

Harris bipod


This has had a custom made accurate flash hider fitted. Is also covered in tan scapa tape as done in Afghanistan.


Make/brand:  King Arms L1A1 SLR aeg

Any accessories included: 

4 mags

RS rifle sling


This rifle includes alot of RS parts...

Stock, handguard, rear sight, sling, sling swivels, carry handle.

( real parts Not fitted- cocking lever, front sight block, take down lever) 

This has had alot of attention to detail like proof stamps, stamped fake bolt, extra serial number and weathered. 


Make/brand:  Ares L85/L123 UGL aeg

Any accessories included: 

2 mags

ARES susat



RS barrel cap for ugl

RS switch holder


The rifle is pretty standard. 

The ugl has had a few tweaks. 

A few rs parts added. Correct screws added. The bartel has been machined down to resemble a real one and can no fit the rs barrel cap. 


Make/brand: Mixed M16 Model 711 aeg

Any accessories included: 

This rifle has been made to an exact replica of the infamous sas m16.

The lower is the ultra rare guarder M16 A2 lower with the correct m16 Export markings. The upper is a G&P m733 upper to replicate the C7 upper used. 

The barrel, front sight, flash hider, mag release, selector lever, forward assist, bolt release are all STEEL!. 

Not pictured but now fitted is also a real M203 side mounted quadrant sight, usually found mounted to the side of upper receiver. 

Internals at the moment are just a standard G&P. 


Make/brand: ICS L85 aeg

Any accessories included: 

Accurate acog with wing mount

Acog riser

Surefire F/H

Llm01 (not working)

Grip pod

Magpul DD rail. 


Internals are all standard. Has been weathered and butt numbers added. 


Make/brand: Mixed L119 A1 SFW aeg

Any accessories included: 

Yet again, alot of RS and rare parts on this. 

Has correct type steel front sight (not warlord tactical version)

A rare steel barrel, collar & dragon red receiver. 

Real parts include;

Stock & pad

Sling mount

D.I.S (carry handle)

Delta ring

K.A.C rail & covers

Non m203 end cap

Castle nut


Barrel & hop are G&P. Gearbox is unknown. 


Make/brand:  DE M56 spring (L128 combat shotgun)

Any accessories included: 

Nothing exciting on this. Comes as is and is completely stock. 

10 tm shells


Make/brand:  G&P C8 Carbine aeg

Any accessories included: 

This is a completely stock G&P mk18, but swapped the receiver for the C8 marked. 

Comes with a clone acog. G&P peq2 box. 

For the purists out there. The front sight has had the bayonet lug taken off, but the barrel is still a tad too long and is incorrect. 

Also comes with a real matech buis sight. 


Make/brand: G&P M870 shotgun spring (L74A1)

Any accessories included: 

This is completely stock.

Have added a steel folding stock. Needs a bit of tlc but folds and holds firm when open. 

The torch grip has had the torch swapped out for the correct surefire style end. 


Make/brand:  Classic army MP5 A3 aeg

Any accessories included: 

This is still a W.I.P..... 

This is based on the actual weapon used in the embassy siege. 

Internals are stock.

Has a real scope mount and SL20 torch. Mount itself is a replica. 

The receiver screw pins have now been changed for real mp5 push pins. 

Cocking lever and rear sight are now steel. 

The hard to find LE A3 handguard and adaptor fitted. 

Not mounted yet, but also have the guarder early style steel trigger. 


10 metal mid caps. Believe to be G&P!


To complete the look would only need the early style smooth flash hider and stock. 


Make/brand: Classic army MP5 SD6 aeg

Any accessories included: 

This is all standard. 

Comes with a tm scope mount

Guarder 4x28 scope. 

L.P.E torch mount

G&P 6P torch. 


Only fault is a section of the stock arm has a chunk missing. 


Make/brand:  WE browning. L9A1

Any accessories included: 

This build is based of the MK2 versions in use. 

internally standard. 

Externally has had quite a bit of work. 

Rear sight removed, filled and smoothed off. Real mk2 front and rear sight added. 

Grips have a groove cut in one conr to fit around a real sling loop that has been added. It has also had correct trades added. Only issue is the trades were laser engraved by accident and not deep engraved. 


Make/brand: WE Gen 4 Glock 17 L131A1

Any accessories included: 

Has correct traded upper and lower. Later versions were just marked WE. 

Comes with one mag which does not hold gas!. 









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I'm afraid I'm not the one to value you this for you, but I do want to say that this is absolutely stunning, and I'd pluck an eyeball out for it! 😂



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Going to be hard to value, its a pretty unique collection. I wouldnt even know where to begin with all the RS parts etc... I would go with the standard 60% of what it cost as a rough guide but even then be prepared for offers, as even if you did want to sell you may struggle as all pieces are so unique.

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Hello mate just found this,not long ago I paid £240 for a KA FN FAL PARA carbine with 7 midcaps this included postage and I'm very happy with that purchase,your FN with its RS parts could command a good price as they are becoming very popular as more people are looking for something other than M4/AK RIFs and there is a lot of interest in the Rhodesian bush wars (me included)

So I'm going to say £300 with postage 

I'm slightly peeved TBH as I'm running my collection down to just a couple and seeing this isnt helping at all!!!

Hope this helps 👍

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RS accessories seem to be on an all time low price wise. You’ve got some really nice guns probably each one around £300 mark with the MP5s a bit less potentially and the shotguns less than £100, the DE one £50 probably, shot guns are a hard thing to sell. but things like the L85 with UGL would be looking £400+ as it has the desirable UGL. But each gun being so unique as Albiscuit said. They’re so unique selling them may be hard and might result in a bit off the price. Probably better trying to shift RS parts individually. Probably as a collection 3k mark probably a bit more but nobody would spend it on a collection. Probably better to go through each gun individually getting them appraised. 

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