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Sling mod for Snow Wolf Pulse Rifle

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I got these MLOK sling adapters for my M41A PR, front one is fine on the barrel shroud but I had the rear on the stock, which was bad because it's not very strong and would eventually give out, so moved it just now to another point under the rear and took pics as I did it.


Alright, I moved the MLOK sling attachment to the bottom rear off the stock rail and took pics as I went;


Clip for screw in this hole.



MLOK adapter over the holes.



First screw in.



Need to widen the hole on the MLOK mount for an M6(?) screw to screw into the female hole already there. Just used a drill with a larger size bit.



Screwing each down. (Tight fit)



Screwed down.



Sling attached. Secure, no wobble.



Sling attached, no longer on the stock.



Just posting for posterity if anyone wants to do something similar.


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Put a picatinny rail on the other side and a black battery peq box.







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