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13 minutes ago, proffrink said:

Anyone play DCS? Looking to pick up the AV-8B in the summer sale and do some co-op.

I used to until 2.5 released. Now I can't even load into multiplayer and performance is garbage even on low.. 


Rolled back 1.5.8 and I'm up at the 80-140fps on medium-high. No more flying with friends though :(


Oh and the devs increased the prices of the modules by up to 100% right before the steam summer sale so they get a big 'fuck you' from me. 



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Just now, proffrink said:

I thought most people were claiming the opposite performance-wise?


I went on the forums and loads of other people are experiencing the same thing on much better specs than my old rig. Can't speak for others but 2.5 has killed my performance. 

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