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  1. I've tried there. Not Urban enough for me. Wish there were some better indoor/Urban sites in Essex
  2. Nice Review.. I've been looking for places that are more Urban in Essex. Are there any others you'd recommend?
  3. Cancel Cancel... after about 14 hours of searching I found what i was looking for.
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • Wanted
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    I'm looking for an original WE G36 folding stock in good condition. Willing to spend £15~


  5. I cant seem to find any TT size charts. What size chest does this fit?
  6. Steer clear of Magnum. Cheap and nasty. I get given them by work, put them at the bottom of my locker and then buy my own pair. Had a quick scroll through and didnt see anyone mention Merrell. I wear Merrell MOAB 2s. Very comfortable and lightweight. I also have a pair of Adidas GSG9.2s and Lowa Renegades. All slightly different but more expensive.
  7. Jayjay

    ArmA 3

    If any of you are interested in Milsim on Arma 3 try 4th Infantry Brigade.
  8. You best bet would be ignore the word police. After that most kit worn by armed response officers is stuff that's available on the market for everyone.
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Wanted Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit Now, Black in colour for work purposes. Contents not required.


    - GB

  10. Fair point. I like the simplicity though. My TQ is already stored in the open. I've just unpicked and resewn two end MOLLE loops on my admin pouch at the width of the TQ and use the Velcro on the TQ to secure it in place. So this would be a step up from what I already do without the added bulk of yet another pouch.
  11. I was referring to the TQ holder they make.
  12. Dammit that is perfect - just so expensive! I have seen this company before whilst in search for a TQ holder but they don't have there's in Black :( so I was forced to design and start to make my own. Still haven't done it yet lol... one of those jobs that I will "get round too".
  13. What PC and Belt is that? Particularly interested in the belt, if they do it in Black it looks perfect for what I am looking for for work.
  14. Where did you get the Grip and Flash hider from?
  15. Started my L119A2 build.. before you say it, i know its a G5. I cant really afford to get a M4 at the moment so im starting with the smaller bits that will work on my G5 and the last peices to the puzzle will be the M4 and either the 9" Rail or 12" rail. Already had the Magpul AFG 2 replica. Purchased the Magpul CTR style stock and ASAP sling plate. Had to mount the sling plate upside down but it still works. Up next will be: ERGO 2 PISTOL GRIP (TAN) STEEL REPLICA SUREFIRE 216A FLASH HIDER If anyone knows where i can find these please let me know.
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