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  1. Jayjay


    And you won't even be able to run away
  2. Jayjay


    Mine still hasn't found out that when we get back from Holiday I've got a parcel to collect 😂😂 If you don't see me log on for a few days.. send help.
  3. Jayjay

    Trigger response in gas pistol

    You're talking about length of pull as opposed to trigger response I believe. I've not fired a airsoft MK23, but, knowing the real steel version, I believe that it will have a two stage trigger. Glocks only have a single stage, but have a trigger safety which some mistake for being a second stage. Real steel Glocks triggers are quite spongy but have a relatively short reset (the amount you have to release the trigger before it will reset so you can pull it again). 2 stage triggers like I believe would be on the Mk23 are sometimes considered to have longer resets, but this is because people generally don't pull the trigger properly and instead 'slap it'. If you're looking for shorter trigger pull and trigger reset, you may be better looking for some custom parts to drop in. If you want to feel what reset is, pull the trigger on your glock, keep it depressed and rack the slide back, slowly release the trigger until you here it click, that's your reset distance and how far you need to release the trigger to fire another single round. Not sure if you can do the same with the Mk23 as don't own one. Edit.. I've done a quick Google and from what I've found there's not really a way to shorten the trigger pull/reset as the trigger is linked to the loading mechanism or something as it's non blow back. All I can recommend is learn where the reset is and only release the trigger that far. But if the trigger is linked to the loading mechanism I'm guessing pulling too fast could cause a jam.
  4. Jayjay

    One armed loadout

    Offer to marshall? Go round test shooting people with a handgun? Might keep you from going mad but also won't put any unnessassry strain on you which may hinder recovery? Might even earn yourself some dollar from it to treat yourself once you're fixed up? Just a thought? If not I'd go for an M60 with a decent sling, a wig and a dodgy head band and Rambo it up. Lol
  5. Jayjay

    ICS L85A2 valuation

    Thanks guys
  6. Wondering what a fair price would be for an ICS L85A2. Specs as below: ICS L85A2 (£300~) 2x Metal ICS High Caps Magazines Madbull Daniel Defence Rail (£140~) Brandless Grippod (£10~) Rail converter/riser (£30~) G&G Elcan Spectre DR Replica (can't find the exact one online now.. cost about £100-£120) Unknown brand MOSFET (£20) 2x Vapex LiFe 9.9v 1400mah batteries (£30) Going to possibly be selling it to a mate so will prob take a chunk off for mates rates. Cheers
  7. Jayjay

    WE G17 Slide not locking back

    That's exactly what I intend on doing. Going to swap the springs over and test.. if no change then I'll swap followers over.
  8. Jayjay

    WE G17 Slide not locking back

    Yes Sorry, after the last round and subsequent shots once empty. I've had a few ideas of what I might try. Just finding the time to do it that's the issue. I thought initially that it may be an issue with lube/cleanliness.. but then I noticed 1 mag always works and the others don't.. even after a lube and clean. Thanks both for your quick replies.. for some reason it didn't notify me of them so only just checked back.
  9. Jayjay

    WE G17 Slide not locking back

    So.. I'm having an issue with my WE Glock 17 Gen 4. On two mags, which I have purchased from new, the slide does not lock back after the first round. On the mag that came with the G17 when I bought it, it does. So I think the problem is with the mags. I've done some research and have been looking closely at the followers and follower springs. However, they all look identical. None appear to be worn down, none appear to be compressed. The followers catch on the outside of the mag appears to raise to about the same height on each mag. I'm probably going to buy some new followers and follower springs to test? But is there anything obvious I'm missing?
  10. Jayjay

    Full size rifles and CQB

    But even then if you notice watching anything from this film, whenever he is able to his arms are at full extension. In hand to hand combat scenes of course any gun could be fired from the hop or without a proper grip and extension.
  11. Jayjay

    Full size rifles and CQB

    Absolutely.. and that's what makes it better, the fact it can be tucked in easier.. but people assume when they hear handguns (or any gun for that matter) are good for CQB is because they are a smaller gun.. not because of the fact they are more easily manipulated in small areas.
  12. Jayjay

    Full size rifles and CQB

    Likewise when people assume handguns are better for CQB.. only when you point out that the end of the barrel when holding a handgun properly is pretty much in the same place as it would be using a SMG/Carbine. It's almost as bad as when people say 'Primary and Secondary Weapons'... your 'Primary Weapon' is the one that's in your hands at the time.
  13. Jayjay

    Full size rifles and CQB

    As everyone else has said almost any Assault Rifle, Carbine, SMG or Shotgun is suitable for CQB. Handguns are useful for confined spaces where you are unable to physically shoulder a weapon and as a backup if your Rifle etc goes empty or down.
  14. Jayjay

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Haha When I said any other suggestions, I meant for the WE G17 upgrades lol
  15. Jayjay

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Got the following for my WE Glock 17: Maple Leaf Hop Unit and 6.01mm Inner Barrel Set RA-Tech Enhanced Recoil Spring 24rnd Magazine Any other suggestions?