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  1. Jayjay

    Gun picture thread

    Where did you get the Grip and Flash hider from?
  2. Jayjay

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Started my L119A2 build.. before you say it, i know its a G5. I cant really afford to get a M4 at the moment so im starting with the smaller bits that will work on my G5 and the last peices to the puzzle will be the M4 and either the 9" Rail or 12" rail. Already had the Magpul AFG 2 replica. Purchased the Magpul CTR style stock and ASAP sling plate. Had to mount the sling plate upside down but it still works. Up next will be: ERGO 2 PISTOL GRIP (TAN) STEEL REPLICA SUREFIRE 216A FLASH HIDER If anyone knows where i can find these please let me know.
  3. Jayjay

    Are Kent police buying airsoft gear??

    Exactly that. Yes for simunition paint rounds alternative masks are used. Also prevent the amount of glass shards you get back in the face when putting windows/doors in.
  4. Jayjay

    Are Kent police buying airsoft gear??

    Kent Police have recently entered a seven force collaberation with Essex, Cambs, Beds, Herts, Norfolk and Suffolk with relation to firearms policing. Part of this collaberation is enhanced buying power when it comes to getting kit and will over time improve interoperability between the forces. Recently Airsoft style face masks have been issued for operation and training use as a covering for the face when there is a liklihood that 9 - Bangs are going to be used of any MOE equipment. Likewise some of the forces have started using Airsoft RIFs in force on force training scenarios for a number of reasons, mainly cost. A BB costs a lot less than a 5.56 simunition paint round. You can also use BBs in most training venues if you dont mind running a hoover round afterwards, whereas its much more difficult to scrub the walls of paint of the school youve been using for 3 weeks as a training venue whilst the kids are off.
  5. Jayjay

    Gun picture thread

    All Scars need that rail extension!! Looks so much slicker!!
  6. Jayjay

    Footwear for cqb.

    I can recommend Adidas GSG9s as being lightweight and flexible whilst still giving the support of a proper boot. If not Underarmour Valsets, Merrel MOABs or any generic low cut (or high cut if not rigid) light weight walking boot would be good for support, flexibility and speed. Alot of studies at the minute are starting to suggest high cut boots are very bad for your achielles. Especially if they are rigid round the back.
  7. Jayjay

    2002/3 Classic Army M15A4 Metal

    Yeah when I said collectors piece I meant more for a personal collection as Im leaning towards using my G5 permanently now and gradually selling off my AEGs for GBBs. But would keep this just as a nice looker to hang on the wall. Im pretty sold on buying it off him now. Will just wait and see what he wants following all your posts. I think I've got a spare hob rubber and spring about. Will definitely get it stripped down and greased up. Change it to deans have a few LiPos to run it on. Cheers all!
  8. Jayjay

    2002/3 Classic Army M15A4 Metal

    Yeah i might buy it off him and get someone to give it a good once over and use it as a loaner for my mates when they come along.
  9. Jayjay

    2002/3 Classic Army M15A4 Metal

    He's charging up the battery now to test it. Not sure the battery will work after all this time. Id imagine internals will need some TLC.
  10. Jayjay

    2002/3 Classic Army M15A4 Metal

    Haha i was intending too pay the price its worth just wasnt sure if it was actually going to be worth anything. Any idea how much these were new and what its worth now then?
  11. All, looking for some help from players who have been in the hobby a long time. Friend of mine has dug his old Classic Army (Armalite) M15A4 Metal and i was wondering if anyone knows anything about them at this age? Had they even reached V2 gearboxes by this point? Are they worth anything now? Thinking about taking it off hes hands as a collectors peice, not that i really collect RIFs. Some pictures attached.
  12. Jayjay

    Are gas powered rifles effective

    I agree with proffrink. Ive used my G5 twice now at woodland fields and found myself massively disadvantaged. Not because i had inferior range, but because for every one round i fired i was getting 5 back. Close the distance down and volume of fire became irrelevant.
  13. Jayjay

    Gun picture thread

    If only it was a Glock 19, you could replicate the Bad Boys 2 dual wielding diving ass shot scene.
  14. Jayjay

    Pistol retention lanyards

    Generally with those that don't have holes specifically for lanyards they will have replaceable back straps on the grip. You can either drill a hole into one/buy a new one with pre drilled holes. Certainly for Glocks that will work. There are also lanyard plugs available, again I only specifically know about the Glock ones that fill the gap between the back strap and the mag well. But they again sometimes need a bit of handy work with a drill in order to install. Thinking outside the box and depending on how many mags you run for your pistol, you could always buy a mag speed plate and attach a solid key ring. Thinking about it... im going to do that. Recently lost a mag for my Glock 18, if every mag had a retention lanyard on it i'd never of lost it! All I would say from personal experience outside of airsoft is that sometimes retention lanyards can get in the way if you are transitioning between hands.
  15. Jayjay

    Gun picture thread

    How much did it cost you to make materials wise? Im sure there would be other CZ Compact owners that would like one and would be willing to pay for one....🙄 Especially if it was a slightly longer one