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AEG Advice.

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Hi guys,

I'll be qualifying for a RIF Number soon and wanted a few opinions/recommendations on a few rifles.

I'm going to be buying two (one for me and one for my son).

originally I was going to get a CM16 Raider but then saw the GC16 Predator and thought wow..

It had a Mosfet and ETU which I thought was next gen tech as well as a better motor and stuff.

I was pretty much sold till I read that a few veteran skirmishers mostly a chap called (Sitting Duck) here were telling fellow noobs like me the downfall of these shoddy parts and was not worth spending the money on.

Now I've seen a G&G pdw15 and this looks like a very nice rifle, also looks like it has a lot of upgraded parts but without this Mosfet/ETU component to screw up the gun.

Anyway long story short, would I be better off getting the CM16 then eventually upgrading to the pdw 15 or go straight to the pdw 15 or even going for a completely different brand altogether..

Thanks in advance guys your input will be greatly received.


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I personally believe your first gun is best being purchased new, as unless your a tech genius any issues with it will get costly quickly. 

I have the Cm16 raider, and have had the Gc16 predator, both are nice guns, the reason the CM16 is recommend more is it's cheaper, and has less to go wrong! 


I would recommend doing as you say, getting the CM16s, when your a little more experienced sell the cm16s( or keep as back ups) and get the gun you really want.

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Some of your choice is going to be based on your available budget.  Personally I would only buy new, so that you just need to charge your batteries and are all set to play without any issues that an older or second hand gun may have.  Recommend the iMax B6 balance charger for LiPo batteries. As @Prisce suggests, get the CM16 and you can keep it as a back-up gun later.


If you can afford TM then you will not be disappointed.  

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My 2 pence would be buy what you desire most within your budget. Upscaling didn't work for me as I didnt like taking a loss each time I sold so that way, you will have less unused RIFs down the line should you buy more... 


Get less 'gun envy' too down your field...:p


I have encountered some issues with G&G rifles and their ETU's so I can appreciate some of the negativity towards them but I still have some faith in them, just make sure you buy from local retailer so you can easily get it looked at should the ETU/mosfet fail...


(Obviously, I don't know your budget so here are a few random alternatives I can think of from the examples you gave)


I can recommend the Krytac LVOA heartily... Or any of the MK2 M4s they have, they really have set the bar. 


G&P 'warhammer' aka 'Electric gun 072' is a fine example of a LVOA style M4. 


Ares offer the honey badger rifle, many people have commented about issues with their trigger units but my brother has used his for years without issue and it shoots well. 


If you decide to start to go for a more wallet friendly rifle, I would suggest browsing at the ICS sports line... pretty much same internals as their pro line but have plastic receivers rather than metal. 


Vouch for the TM range, as per above poster, especially their recoil ones... nice





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It's a all down to personal choice really on what you type of weapon you want as they all come in different sizes, styles and weight, where you intend to play woodland or CQB.

I have several G&G rifles combat machines and top tech, only real difference is the body work being metal, the wild hog I have has the ETU 3 shot burst, but unless your battery is at full power it will cut out because it thinks there's a problem, Look at some of the mid range brands out there G&G, Ares,  CYMA, Jing Gong, for example  an APS full metal, blow back M4, 340/50 FPS, quick change spring gear box from a well know Polish store for only £140, where as at the high end a TM Shock recoil M4 full metal, blow back, only compatible with TM mags and asking £90 to get it to 340 FPS that's on top a £400 price tag, from a UK store

Its all about choices you want to make ie budget, style, weight, game play, what ever you choose make it what you want and not everyone else tells you. 

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I agree to what u6c2 has said, 

if you can buy the gun that you really want go with that. it will probably save you money in the long run. 

if you want something budget friendly then as mentioned by Jedi_Master get G&G CM16 Raider, they are not too expensive and I think they look pretty cool too. 

If you want to go a little bit higher in to £200s then look in to Specna Arms M4's, I have not heard a bad thing about them, and Specna Arms come with Battery and Charger, You probably want to replace stock Specna Battery and Charger as quick as possible but they will work for couple of games. 

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