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  1. Maybe consider the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB rifle? Ticks quite a few boxes in terms of realism, reliability and accuracy. Comes complete with bonus if being absolutely 'skirmishable'.
  2. Hi, My 2 pence would be buy what you desire most within your budget. Upscaling didn't work for me as I didnt like taking a loss each time I sold so that way, you will have less unused RIFs down the line should you buy more... Get less 'gun envy' too down your field...:p I have encountered some issues with G&G rifles and their ETU's so I can appreciate some of the negativity towards them but I still have some faith in them, just make sure you buy from local retailer so you can easily get it looked at should the ETU/mosfet fail... (Obviously, I don't know your budget so here are a few random alternatives I can think of from the examples you gave) I can recommend the Krytac LVOA heartily... Or any of the MK2 M4s they have, they really have set the bar. G&P 'warhammer' aka 'Electric gun 072' is a fine example of a LVOA style M4. Ares offer the honey badger rifle, many people have commented about issues with their trigger units but my brother has used his for years without issue and it shoots well. If you decide to start to go for a more wallet friendly rifle, I would suggest browsing at the ICS sports line... pretty much same internals as their pro line but have plastic receivers rather than metal. Vouch for the TM range, as per above poster, especially their recoil ones... nice
  3. Hi there, Go visit your local Airsoft store to get a feel of the equipment and get information on local Airsoft sites as most stores will also operate game days which I am sure you can attend yourself... Just remember to take your hits! Starting Airsoft by yourself isnt a problem, I know cos that's what i did. Note that most game days will be a mix of new and old players so there will be a fair number of people who won't know the fields layout or how the game will go...so don't be afraid to chat to anyone! There really is no other prerequisites to start playing. There are multiple routes to progress further into the sport, so its best, as the previous poster mentioned... make sure its for you first as it does get expensive! Once you decided it is, you will need to get an UKARA number. This is easily obtained by attending 3 games in 2 months at the same site... The 3rd games being 56 days from the first. Once you get this UKARA, you will be able to buy what ever RIF you desire... But until then, some sort of weaponry will be required during those 3 games (unless you just want to throw BB's at opponents). Most sites will allow you to rent a RIF for the games which is fine but ultimately, its wasted money... You could alternatively buy a 2 tone IF which is essentially a gun permanently painted 51% in a bright colour (blue/green/orange) to distinguish it from a realistically coloured gun (eg: black or tan or silver). This is a good way to get something tangible for your cash compared to renting BUT who will want a gun coloured like a toy once they get their UKARA? Not many... which is why their resell value is generally lower than their realistically coloured counterparts, despite costing the same (or more even!) The third option, if available from your local Airsoft retailer would be a 'hire purchase' plan where you buy whatever RIF you want but the retailer will hold it for you and only let you use it during game days until you get your UKARA. Can't say whether all retailers will offer this method but worth asking. hope that helps...
  4. Hi, starting off with the m4 family is a good move. However, I would suggest that CYMA isn't the best brand to start off with unless you are are planning (and willing) to 'upgrade' it along the way... Not to say it will break down straight away but QC won't be as stringent as other brands such as G&G or G&P. The benefits is that parts will be Tokyo Marui compatible and the outlay will be less than the other 2 brands. I started off with a G&G Combat machine and although it has a plastic body, you couldnt tell from looking at it and it was tough material! Also, there has been times I would miss the lighter weight in longer games compared to full metal rifles. G&G also have their top tech range if you up your budget, these will have full metal bodies and it will come with quite a few upgrades already, such as a decent high torque motor, tightbore barrel, upgraded wiring and more recently in their Gen 3 range, a MOSFET. A handy feature that is present in G&G m4's is the easy spring realese which relaxes the spring when storing. Their blowback feature is nice but hardly essential in my opinion however. G&P do make very nice looking and high quality m4's. Definitely comparable to G&G although they don't feature blowback nor have the spring release button that G&G does however. One thing I would mention about them that annoys me is that their barrels have a postive thread which is against the grain for the majority of other companies. This means that a majority of third party flash hiders/suppressors will not fit unless you buy an adaptor to convert it to a negative thread.
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