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[HD VIDEO TUTORIAL] BEVEL-TO-PINION for AEGs Gears: Complete Guide to Perfect Shimming

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Not bad....

But real mofo guru techy video
Look for:

Shut up gears !!! On YouTube
By John Rogers

That guy knows his stuff
And if I could get a box to sound like his I'd be over the moon.


Son't get me wrong - think John Rogers goes way too much into it tbh and even with his drilling holes in box

there is still room for tolerances like if pinion hits some of the AR cams on bevel or not will throw out the max height


I think your method of getting motor height correct by eye is just as good with pinion just engaging bevel 101%

but instead of "guessing" the shims on top of bevel the dial depth gauge will give you a nigh on exact measurement

then with a digital caliper in 0.01mm you can attain the exact shim required for the top of the bevel gear first time

also at same time as measuring the bevel height to motor you can measure the total play on the spur & sector

so that you can make up a set of shims that is just a 10th of mm under and swap each set of shims about to space correctly


A sort of mixture of your experienced eye but using some measuring tools for the lesser experienced people

(that includes me btw coz I'm not a shimming guru that walks on water)


but if you get bevel - pinion set right that is where so many people go wrong guessing

including me - sometimes I have been lucky or close - other times I have been way out

(thinking wtf is all that schreeching coming from ffs)

A bit of work but jeeez you see/hear the difference
Plus a well shimmed box performs so much better
Less friction and heat and more power being transferred

Good vid all the same proving how important it is to get bevel to pinion as near perfect as possible

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Good vid.


I like learning by watching many different people do the same thing, as each video usually bring one unique thing that the others haven't shown.

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