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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azGnzdXCAPk
  2. Explaining the differences between different Airsoft Gases like 144a, Green Gas, Red Gas, Black Gas, Ethane Enriched Green Gas:
  3. Thanks @Jedi_Master, appreciate that! ;-)
  4. What up guys! This is my take on the BTC Spectre FET MKII unit for Tokyo Marui Next Gen. AEGs, plus how to install it and configure the app!
  5. ChupacabraOutdoor


    What up guys! Hope you'll like my content, feel free to ask me anything and reach out to say hello! Let's begin this thread with a kick ass MilSim Event we did with our Digital Observer Team!
  6. My complete guide on V2 gearboxes is my #1 video with more than 70.000 views! Let's see if we can get some love from AK lovers and V3 users as well!
  7. Hi everyone! Thought this might interest to you guys, it's our new approach to personnel recovery during our Digital Observer MilSim events. We dedicated small team fully committed to Medevac and CSAR operations, equipping vehicles with life support devices and emergency evaluation sheets, we're gonna be do a full field test on Feb. 25 during our Devil's Nest 2 12h event! Stay tuned, thx!
  8. ChupacabraOutdoor

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    @Skara hi bud! We're working very hard to provide greatly immersive MilSim experiences with our Digital Observer Team, true we aren't quite as massive as our UK/USA buddies but I feel very safe to say we're ahead of the curve as far as games development and the amount of technology involved. We'd love to invite international players in the future so let's keep in touch bud, I'm sure you'll have a great time! P.S: sorry for the accent, I'm constantly working on my speech!
  9. ChupacabraOutdoor

    NIGHTVEMBER: A Comprehensive Night Vision Guide (EP I/II/III)

    Fourth episode of the series, "Blackboxing" and how to do it! Stay safe!
  10. ChupacabraOutdoor

    NIGHTVEMBER: A Comprehensive Night Vision Guide (EP I/II/III)

    Third episode on how to protect your NVG lens + the cool DIY NVG focus trick to get deeper depth of field, great for all around distances and close viewing as well! Enjoy and Merry Xmas everyone! ;-)