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Can anyone help with a pistol valuation?

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Hi, never seen one of these for sale so unsure what it is worth...


It is a Cybergun P226 X5 boxed with a removable compensator, the front sight is damage with a small bit being snapped off that keeps it on the gun (it was like an upside down T but is now a 7) but still stays on well, it is also a little worn on the paint on high stress areas, It has not been used skirmishing, only target shooting really.







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£70-90 with the mag. Can't see your pictures to get an idea of condition.


Also, if this is the one that says 410 on the box, I'm sure you're aware that they tend to do around 340 instead but you might want to tell people that as it seems Cybergun crono with .12g and a bag of glue.

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On the box I can only read:


334 fps with [0.20g]

430 fps with 0.12g

1.1 Joule max!

60 yds, 55m

24 BBs

2.86 lb, 1300g [weight]


One Google search shows - http://www.sportsmk.co.uk/cat/796/air-pistols/cybergun-air-pistols/

scroll down to reference

SP280518 Sig Sauer P226 X-Five Sport (with SwissArms sight)

SP288502 Sig Sauer P226 X-Five Open is Calibre 4.5mm STEEL BBS

These are both are £139 new, so I suppose second-hand and in used condition would be £70?

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