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US or Euro places to buy clothing

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Hi guys,

Didn't come across anything yet on here, so apologies if I've missed it.....


Generally I use the local surplus shop for British stuff and Military 1st, Flectarn, UkmcPro and SOF for others so far


Anyone an recommendations for other sites and any abroad they have dealt with I could look into?, any good US ones?


thanks in advance



(wondering now if I should have posted this in Places to buy?)



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Flyye and TMC (mostly) make very decent quality repros of a lot of gear with good quality nylon and stitching. Lots of sites in asia sell them, as do lots of wholesalers on Aliexpress and DHGate - I'd recommend Shooter Combat Gear as a foreign retailer. As Kinnerley says though: What sorts of things are you looking for? Clothing is everywhere.

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cheers guys,

yeah sorry for the lack of info. given, i apologise for that

At the moment just looking into Atacs LE style or Muticam Black, i know flectarn do some of the LE stuff


so really just considering the costs involved from the US but apart from LApolicegear i was told about, wanted to know if anyone has any other sites they have used with no problems?


generally to start off just trousers, shirt or UBAC type shirt, and a hat (boonie or cap) in the various styles but would look at more as time goes on, so i guess overall looking at a few hundred $ to get it at once



sorry may be a bit of a vague querie!


thanks for the link proffrink, i'll check it out

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These are a few stores I've used and liked in the states with good selections of kit:







When buying from the states, never do so unless they have a sale on. These stores have sales of varying degrees literally every single holiday or event throughout the year. Christmas, halloween, easter, black friday, memorial and veterans weekends, 4 July, thanksgiving... etc etc etc. They happen so often that the most you'll ever have to wait if you've just missed one is another month or so tops.


But if you want the slightly less common stuff like MC Black and specifically ATACS-LE, this HK store is probably the best option overall:



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thanks for the updates, plenty to review and spend!....wifes gonna kill me!

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