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V2 Gearbox and motors for appraisal

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So I just had a new A&K CASV M4 delivered which I've gutted to put my P* in after taking it out my CM16, as such I now have these spares which are new and unused (exc the G&G motor):

New A&K V2 gearbox, which comes standard with:

Quick change spring system

M130 & M100 spring

Chrome bore-up cylinder

Reinforced metal cylinder head (bore up type matched for the silent system)

Reinforced silent type piston head with Ball Bering (berings helps with smoothly rotating the spring Turing the work)

Hi-torque motor

All steel Gears are placed In steel bushings 8mm

Spring guide is standard-metal reinforced with Ball Bering so the spring will rotate smoothly

Low resistance gearbox wiring

Standard High Torque A&K short type motor, also new.

Used G&g motor, in good condition.

Any idea on pricing would be appreciated :)


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Tbh, you're looking at around £30 as it isn't anything special.

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A&K box £30 - maybe £35


G&G motor - f*ck all as it probably a stock red motor 16,000rpm ferrite


A&K motor - "might" be a neodym - look carefully at the A&K - two slits at top of case

if you see silver magnets = neodym and hard to turn, if so £15 for neodym perhaps

if it is black like G&G then it is a ferrite and worth f*ck all


I say f*ck all but in fact peeps need to keep some old ferrites for spares

eg: contacts/brushes even the armatures etc.....

then if/when neodym motor dies - brushes or the windings in armature craps out

you got spares or rebuild into a frankentorque motor

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cheers guys, managed to shift the gearbox on FB :P


As for the motors, I'll probably just keep them as spares.

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