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Value of an ICS SA80

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Hey guys, just want to get an idea from the community of how much i could expect to ask for my SA80 as im toying with the idea of selling it to buy a small, lightweight M4 as my backup AEG as the only time i really use it is at The Hive, which is basically a day of running around and a heavy gun really isnt the best to bring.


so, what im selling is listed below, just let me know how much you think it would sell for, but im not selling it yet




  • ICS L85
  • Mods - Custom metal hop arm, madbull blue bucking, Element H-nub
  • Madbull Daniel Defense RIS system
  • cheapo PEQ box for battery (due to lack of space in the DD RIS)
  • 2x WE block LiPos, 7.4v, 1200 mAh to fit in the above
  • 2x ICS migh cap mags (standard with the gun)
  • army surplus SA80 one-point sling
  • generic SA80 three point sling
  • knock-off magpul AFG2
  • G&P military tube sight (with lens protector, riser and dovetail adaptor)
  • original carry handle and front sight post

I think i still have the original handguard in two tone blue, but still need to rummage around for it.


in terms of wear and tear, theres a faux screw missing from the butt pad (doesnt affect performance) and one of the motor connections is missing a crimp, and so the broken crimp has been soldered directly to the terminal.


It shoots around 310 FPS on its current set up.


So what do you guys think?

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you could get £200 for it i recon

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please will you let me know when you are selling?

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