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Hop up & Bucking advice

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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Sorry for the noob question. I am looking to get a little more range and accuracy from my CM16 Raider. I have been (un)reliably informed the hop-up and bucking are the places to start. Are these going to achieve what I am hoping it will, or am I better going for power? I am achieving 305 FPS avg at all recent chronos so wouldnt mind a bit of extra sting on the other end of the gun.


I am using 0.25s at the moment and to my knowledge there have been no aftermarket upgrades to the gun (it is second hand.)


Any suggestions would be appreciated along with links to anything you refer to. I would love the help!





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It depends, some people swear by their high quality parts, and they certainly make a difference.


My ICS l85 has had a new bucking, h-nub and hop parts, and its satisfyingly accurate, letting me reach out and touch someone.


For the sake of a few quid on a good nub and bucking, its at least the best value upgrade (in my opinion) even if there might be better performance from other means like a good barrel

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305 with .2's but wouldnt mind upping the fps with .2's and trying to reach close to that with .25's although that isnt priority. I just wanted a bit more range and accuracy and wondered about the best way to achieve it.

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Daft questions.............


Short or Long Raider, have you cleaned barrel & tweaked hop up ???


Also you say 305 with .20's - that isn't too bad yet, when it drops below 300 then maybe service the box but fine for moment

TM's don't shoot much higher but are dogz nutz they say - just pointing that out to prove you don't HAVE TO open up box


.25's "can" be a bit qwirky, I bought some .25's and they are just $hit in all guns I tried - so bad I mainly stick to 0.20's

(them .25's just don't fire consistently - about 1 in 5 ya get a "jimmy" that fires at like 200fps and goes anywhere it wants)

Just saying - don't assume it is the gun, try a few different bb's before you strip the gun down


Clean the barrel - alcohol wipes or white spirit on tissue in jamming rod

don't use silicone - that is last resort and if you get on rubber bucking you will have to strip hop/bucking down to clean


Clean barrel - really helps no end

Order up another rubber if still no joy - then take time to check clean all hop/barrel etc....

(should still be a tiny spring on front of hop up - check that is still there)


"Generally speaking" - accuracy/grouping & range is due to hop/bucking/barrel area, fps & smooth operation is ya box area

The reason I'm pointing it out is you can easily start messing with stuff that is in fact quite ok


Clean barrel - try other bb's first and enlighten us as to what exact range are seeking/expecting:

30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100metres - ahhhh c'mon it ain't a sniper ffs


Also would point out that that a good clean set hop/barrel will perform & also fps will improve too

Bad or worn/split hop with crap seal will lose fps along with dirty barrel etc....

Though to be fair a s/hand CM16 like most guns you would expect to lose aprox 10% in 6 months

All springs loose a little tension so 330fps new G&G hitting now 305 is about right and to be expected

the accuracy/range improvement is gonna be in the barrel/hop/rubber area....


Take it from somebody who has bollox'd a few guns "steaming in" to replace stuff that don't need replacing

Same as feed issues - must be nozzle/tappet - NOPE often some mags and maybe some bb's are just crap

So try another mag often helps/solves feed issues I have found out the hard way


Same as your accuracy/range - would reckon it just needs a clean and maybe try some different bb's before you go nutz

If it is firing consistently and smoothly the box is fine - power is F*ck all if you got no control/consistent range/grouping/control of bb's

(Again TM's are firing at 300 which highlights that power is not the be all & end all we often think it is)

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I generally worj on the principle that 45/50m is about average for any gun and if it isnt hitting this then something is wrong. There are various rough FPS and expected distance calculators on the internet (Google). A lesson hard learnt by me is - dont touch it if it aint broke......So if you are hitting 50m with it then leave it alone.

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Yeah I think it is around 50m on a clear day with no wind. I guess I will give it a clean and see how I get on. Thanks all for the advice. It is a mega gun so I am not desparate for more from it, I just though it could be achieved with a little work.


Thanks so far all!

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Clean it - getting running nice as possible and get to KNOW YOUR GUN

By that I mean - understand what you CAN hit and what you CAN'T hit


You will NOT out-range a bolt action sniper or a £450+ AEG, so live with it

You learn what and when you engage and what you avoid - picking your battles accordingly

If you get owned by snipers then avoid those areas or hang back at base/built up areas or go to cqb sites


Only reason I'm saying this is that people think they can hit past 200ft with AEG's no problem - yeah right

100 to 150ft is most likely what most players may be hitting in real terms

despite people thinking that target @ 60m - wow this gun is good, is really 40m when PROPERLY measured


Its a toy gun, yes some toys can shoot better & further than others but that takes time & money tweaking etc...

AND they have to be cleaned/maintained to achieve that sort of optimum performance


I'm sure it will improve with a bit of cleaning and once you got to know your gun a bit more you will understand

and no doubt will be able to engage targets more consistently within your gun's range

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Clean it....


I'm sure it will improve with a bit of cleaning....


Clean the barrel....


Clean barrel....


clean all hop/barrel etc....


Clean barrel.....


reckon it just needs a clean.....

Do you think he should clean it SD? :D

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If in doubt, you cant beat some simple TLC. After all, the best hop/barrel setup in the world is no good if its caked in grease, grit and general crap.


OP, have we made the importance of cleaning and caring for guns clear enough? Otherwise, im sure we can rattle off a few more (dozen) reasons that its a good idea.

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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