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Hi guys.


Having given up paintballing a couple of years ago i have decided that i need a new hobby. I've played a few days worth of airsoft about 6 years ago and loved it and with there being a couple of sites close to home I thought i'd take up airsoft as my next interest.

Now the BIG question is which gun do i go for ? I want to keep my search to m4's only just because i like the way they look/feel and with this being my first gun I don't really want to go above £200. Now i know there is a heap of m4's out there but I'm not too clued up on manufacturer reliability and so forth so any help would be greatly appreciated.




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I'd would recommend you use hire-guns until you have been to a site enough to get membership and added to the UKARA database (a database retailers use to verify your legal defence for buying an imitation firearm)


Then you can buy one that looks real and not painted 50% bright colour, if you get into airsoft it'll prob piss you off having one painted in such a manner. Most people don't have the patience for waiting to get membership/UKARA (as takes 3 months) and end up with a redundant bright coloured gun sitting in their closet (got 2 myself).


For that price range you should get either;


G&G combat machine

ICS M4 (tons of them just pick which one you like)


For retailer best 2 are Firesupport & Zero One. (Just dont buy anything from a website/store with 'BB' in the title)


Or... keep using the hire-guns at site until youre positive you want to keep doing it long-term, and spend twice the cash on a Tokyo Marui gun, and never have to replace, upgrade (and probably not repair) it ever.

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TBH - Buy cheap G&G:(2-tone)

Carbine or Raider or CM18 or Mod0 = £120 to £150-ish

offset that against hire costs whilst getting ukara'd and getting ya feet wet

If you get ukara'd then you probably not that much out of pocket than if you hired

plus you got spare should your RIF go tits up (realistic imitation firearm you buy once ukara'd)


Failing that if you decide it not for you a G&G 2-tone should be easy to sell on (to an 18yr old)

or keep in case you decide to try again at some point

But buying a cheap G&G starter is a worthy consideration against renting if you think you may get into it

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Thanks for the advice on my gun and manufacturer choice. I'm currently eyeing up a g&g cm16 mod 0, from what I see on youtube/review sites it's a good solid choice for a beginner.

Once my UKARA membership comes through then I would think about upgrading, but there's no rush as the g&g seems like it would last me through my beginner phase well enough.

As sitting duck said, It's always handy to have a back up as iv'e experienced breakdowns many times on the paintball field and it's not nice when you have to sit out a few hours trying to get your shooter working again

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£200 is a nice decent budget, M4s can be a bit boring when they are so common, but you can't go wrong with a Combat Machine (or really any G&G gun)

There's always external upgrades you can do and you can make a unique AR with the amount of different parts there are for them. There's also the confidence of knowing you've got all the aftermarket internal bits if anything does happen to break and also so you could upgrade the performance over time.

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I was impatient and bought a two tone sniper rifle before I got my UKARA. For the sake of a couple of months, I wish Id waited.

My experience is that a lot of people change their mind about gun choices once they have tried a few different ones or seen what others are using.

I would go rental pre UKARA, use a different gun each game and then invest wisely in my first RIF post UKARA.

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Well I just took delivery of a g&g cm16 mod0 the other day and I'm really happy with the quality of the thing. I was a bit worried on how the 2 tone would look but tbh it's not really in your face, which is a bonus.

Purchased the gun through zerooneairsoft and can't praise them enough for the fast delivery and constant updates on shipping. Great shop.

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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