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Importing Parts From Asia

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Hello its me again. Sorry for all these law questions, but the VCRA is quite illusive.


So I am thinking of importing some airsoft parts for some friend. He will be paying me back for the cost of the parts, but I will not be making a profit, so I am not sure if this counts as a transaction.


The parts I will be importing involves a receiver, hop up rubber, cylinder, piston, etc. This will be done through post and luggage.

Will I need a UKARA membership number for such imports. If not, isn't this a really bad loop hole? As anyone can disassemble their RIF, send as separate parts, separately, and assemble them?




The closest topic I could find was http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/20484-starting-to-panic-a-little/

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Internals wouldn't be a problem but it could be different for the receiver. I'd want to have a defence to be on the safe side before ordering from abroad.

Since they are individual parts I don't think it matters if someone is paying you for them, as far as I know the VCRA concerns complete replicas.


I agree it is a loophole, but there are quite a few already. I mean, there's nothing to really stop you buying an IF in the first place, because you could lie about your age. Somebody could just paint an orange gun black if they wanted. I don't think anyone has ever been arrested for illegal possession of one. If the whole idea was to stop violent crime, then all these criminals must be even more stupid than we think, because they can't even get a spray can.

If you were a serious criminal you wouldn't rob banks and stuff with an imitation...stupid law but hey it isn't hard for a legitimate airsofter to get a defence so I'm not complaining.

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It depends are you intending to order this from abroad or physically bring it with you through customs ? If your ordering then no problem. If you want to bring it with you then there is no law against owning a RIF though there is always the risk it will be picked up on xray and questions might be asked though you won't of broken any laws.

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It counts as two things:

1. You bring items through customs as your own, with your name on parcel to your address

2. you sell those parts to him in the UK.


If he chooses to manufacture a RIF he does so on his own back, you do not commit an offence, he does (admittedly an unenforceable, victimless offence)

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