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.22 Pistol NRA/BASC supported PETITION!

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Hi guy's




Please take a look at this petition. At the end of the day we are all 'shooters' and all have an interest in guns. Whether you shoot real steel or not, please don't repeat our past and not support other shooters out there because it doesn't affect you.


After all, we own the very existence of Airsoft to 'real steel' so please continue to support it's existence in civilian life and fun pass times.



An example for why I am signing... Even though I am soon to bunk off to the Channel Islands, to take up disciplines I am deprived of on the mainland. Whether this petition passes or fails is irrelevant to me come a few weeks from now. I won't just be shooting .22 pistol, but centrefire calibres in both Handguns and semi-automatic rifles. I am still wanting to support my fellow Brits persisting with their shooting on the mainland however.


This is a petition to legalise .22 pistols. It has received the backing of big shooting organisations such as BASC and the UK NRA. This petition was started by Firearms UK. Firearms UK have bought a tonne of posters advertising this petition. If you would like any and have suitable locations to pin them up that will attract attention, please contact Erika Sykes (member of Firearms UK) and state how many you would like and where you would like them posted to. Posters and postage are free.


Erika Sykes email: [email protected]


Firearms UK Website Address: http://firearmsuk.org/


Petition: https://submissions.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/62588

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Likewise, even stuck it up as my status to draw more attention to it.

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signed, but nothing will change. Even if a million people sign that petition there's still 59 million who haven't.

The red tops and other sensationalist newspapers would tear the government to bits if they re legalised any kind of pistol (other than muzzle loaders, which are still legal!). I can see the headlines now:
"Britain braced for more Dunblane style massacres"


"Space Pakis steal corpse of Lady Diana using newly legalised pistols" (Daily Mail)

As much as I'd love for .22 pistols to be decriminalised the anti-gun lobby have more numbers (just take a look at mums net... they'd ban nerf guns if they could!) and more of a sensational argument.

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Signed it last week, but will spread the word.

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