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Serial 40 - Elite Battle Zone 12/04/14

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A couple of mates and I had a free Saturday so as soon as I heard this event was being run we booked ourselves in.


WOWZERS, what a kerflippin awesome place, had a fantastic day, it really blew my mind. Def worth checking out if you get the chance.


I had two epic play moments, the first was up against the Juggernaught, I had got up behind him almost to take a flag from him and he turned to me at the last moment, as he turned and started shooting I managed to release his magazine into my hand and swapped it with him for a flag! :D

The second was sneaking up behind two opponents and just as I was about to shoot my G5 jammed, my sidearm was not a quick enough option as one of the chaps was turning round and I noticed the other had a knife holstered in the back of his vest which I managed to unholster and kill him with it just before I got laced by the lad who turned round! :D


Can't wait to go again with Elite Battle Zone, top guys and gals :-)

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Webby needs an update :lol:


Looks good though:


Address - Lydd Training Camp, Tourney Rd, Lydd, Kent, TN29 9JR


Bit of an arse to get to if you don't drive though...

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Don't EAG of Holmbush (IE EAG Gatwick fame) use it last weekend? I know Wolfie (one of the marshals at EAG Worthing) was there this weekend?


Edit: trying to post a link to their page RE Serial 40 but for some reason it wont paste. Google Elite Action Games and it should come up.


Oh and was having a chat with a mate of a mate who is an army MP apparently Serial 40 is one of the places they use to train up new MP's and its really good.

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