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ginger colin

KWA MP9 info

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Everyone knows that KWA dropped a clanger on MP9 mags....


Basic history


KWA build an awesome GBB MP9

KWA dont supply enough spare mags to Europe

KWA let the USA have as many spare mags as they want.

USA wont sell / send to Europe

The last mag available in the UK 12 months ago is currently being 24 caret gold plated to commemorate the biggest

airsoft supply and demand disaster in the last 10 years.

Rare sightings have been reported on an internet auction site selling a mag 2 months ago

A player was sighted last month using an MP9 but the triple mag pouch had only had 1 spare mag in it.

There are reports of fake mags that fit KSC and KWA... nobody wants to risk £45 a pop plus postage

ASG wake up to the problem and licence the KMP9.

ASG send out the guns but dont offer spare mags, name changes are rumoured....

ASG have realised that the only reason nobody has purchased and MP9 for the last 12 months is that "There aren't any spare mags"

The Kriss arrives 2 years late and it being defined as a "no blow back"

Reviews surface comparing the TM socom to the Kriss for realism and excitement.

Kriss buyers try adding weight to the vector system and wish they hadn't sold their MP9


KMP9 mags are slowly surfacing but some look like MAC 11 mags



Please note I have not called to see if they are in stock, I cannot be held responsible for any hair loss.


A new name surfaces and fans get excited that this summer they will be taking on aeg's without the fear of reloading


The name is "Umarex Elite Force PDW9 machine gun".

Fans search with baited breath for this new fire breathing beast of a machine....


Guest what....... "Still no spare magazines"


Apologies for any inaccuracies in this posting, being an upstanding British citizen I am considering writting

a letter of complaint to KWA.

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Ahhaaa... cheers... with polymer feed lips that can take propane.


How has this mag grown from 48/49 rounds to 55


£49.99..... my frown isn't upside down.

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welcome to GBB ownership :P


I have 9 MP7 magazines. Worth 2x the gun itself :P

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KWA mags ARE available again



At a sensible price?

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Hi rock climby dave cheers for the info but not 100% helpful


Apparently mojo's are also available but there are no more half pences to buy them with.


I wouldn't normally post up something like this without


a) looking

B) trying

c) blagging

d) whinginggggggg

e) resorting to violence

f) flying to tiawan and jumping through the living room window of the KWA CEO Mr Peter c Ching living room window wearing just a golden thong.

g) Writting to 10 companies in the USA that didnt seem that bothered

h) learning mandarin

i) seeing if any if the guang dong factories will make them

j) Checking if the wife of the owner of evike had her fake norks done by profiteering from this farse

k) Selling a kidney

l) Becoming a monk

m) Spanked my own arse and changed my name to sally (with chilli sauce) and hope to make some money to buy one.

n) Asking father christmas

o) Joining random forums

p) making acronyms up for what KWA really stands for

q) hacked the KWA site and changed the K to a C...... you know what the C stands for.

r) shaved my balls and sent a video to Defiance Airsoft

s) shave my arse and sent a video to Defiance Airsoft

t) Considered shaving an eyebrow and posting it up as a picture

u) Changed my name by deedpol to "KWA MP9 magazine"

v) asking google to become a better search engine

w) Having "KWA" tattooed on my left arse cheek and "hole" on my right arse cheek

x) Creating a famous cocktail called "the invisible mp9 magazine".... guess what you stir it with.......

y) Going on x factor with nothing on but a t shirt saying "kwa mp9 magazines" how many people would boo.....

z) Murder.... yep the final depths of insanity..... I will beat someone to death with a KWA spare magazine....but


"I cant........... find one"


Mojo anyone!


Sort it out KWA I want x50 free magazines to auction off for a chosen forum charity.....

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Caveat emptor


Thank you for the links. So are they 48 round or 55 round, do they just fit just KWA or as some sellers are claiming KSC as well . Will they go in pre and post NS2.

Are they OEM KWA factory Tiawan or are they from a factory on the edge of Hong Kong. Do they have an extra slot down the left side

of the feeder.


Check the small print here


look at the bottom, it doesnt fit japan version... OK... but then it says.... made manufactured by KSC (ksc,kwa lecture not needed)


And here



One of the best claims was from this company, they said it fitted all MP9's



Try them your self



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