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  1. Black hawk down, tears of the sun, battleship and the A-team are just a few of my favourite films Battle L.A, battle earth, starship troopers are among a few of my least favoured films Saving private Ryan is a good film but the Americans used British landing craft and not there own on D-Day
  2. I've got the 1 hi cap that came with the rifle and 2 mid caps coming aswell so I'll get 2 more mid caps and a hi cap, I've also got 2 pistols as back up, m9 gas Beretta and 18c aep so that should cover me If all fails, I got my big mouth and a tree branch lol
  3. I kind of thought that was case when I had a much closer look at things
  4. Yep so the only place you can get the bits you want is from them I have 2x m4 mags in the post to me from army surplus I believe How many mags do people generally take on a skirmish ?? (I understand its personal preference for people) but I was thinking of getting 6 mags in total for my m4 and have 3 maybe 4 for my 18c aep
  5. That's ok mate so dont worry about it Its like Ferrari parts will only work in Ferraris etc
  6. Thanks for the pics tacmaster, I have both mags for sa80 and m4 but the sa80 mags I have they dont have the square feed lip but instead have a round feed lip
  7. I know NATO uses 5.56mm rounds as I served in the army and the cadets but I didn't know proprietary meant until now thankyou
  8. If airsoft rifles are true to to the real thing (obviously within reason) then why (as far as I know) does the real m4 and sa80 mags fit each other What do you mean by proprietary Monty ??
  9. It certainly is sh*t lozart, I tried loading into the magwell and I think the round port on top of the mag maybe a bit to long But if it dont work then it dont work
  10. I've got a couple of springer SA80 mags left over from my boys broken rifles, I was wondering if its possible with some modification to make them work in an m4 raider AEG Has anyone done this ?? and what did you do ?? Nick
  11. Looks like an interesting weapon, you would certainly stand out with it After many reviews and yet to skirmish with it, I went with g&g raider L, with this based on the m4, its a good platform How readily available are parts for that rifle
  12. You can do but I suggested only 1 just in case the charger is knackered, if it is then you still have other battery's to use
  13. Then I would say your lipos fully charged Take a NiMH and run it down, leave 24 hours for the voltage to settle then put it on charge
  14. Hmmm, can you check the voltage of your lipo ?? I'm just wondering if your lipo maybe under charged
  15. After doing a YouTube search Indicator lights for type of battery connected Battery knackered if continue slow/fast flashing Solid Red light means charged although the bloke didn't say what colour the light is when charge complete
  16. Can you post photos of how you connect battery to charger and some close ups of the charger Another possibility could be the wall plug
  17. That red light should change to green when charged Leave the lipo alone for a few days for the voltage to settle in each cell then charge for 30 minutes and check the light Do you have access to a volt meter or an Avo ?? you could measure the voltage in each cell then
  18. Sadly it isn't mate the model number of the pistol GG-104H I'm giving up on a spare mags as next few weeks I'll get the CYMA glock 18c aep, I'll use the Beretta for target practice with my boys instead Thanks anyway guys
  19. Does your charger have a RED and GREEN LED's ?? if they do then Red means charging and Green means charged. Just remember to keep an eye on the charger and lipo as it charges
  20. Hi guys, I'm back I have a HFC 2 tone Beretta m9, its gas operated but NOT the blow back pistol which suits me and my boys fine I will upgrade to a GBB at some point in the future I have a couple of questions for you all (no surprise there being a newbie) Does anyone know where I can get mags for them please ?? Does anyone know of any other compatible mags please ?? Nick
  21. I have a success, I have routed the battery wires to the front of the rifle All I have to do now is make a battery box, shorten the wires and solder on a deans connector
  22. Yeah mate but I'm not sure how to remove the piston assembly, I'll do a YouTube search later
  23. I have some 2s 5000mah lipos I want to use but because I can't fit them anywhere, I'm going to make a battery box and mount on the underside of the hand guard (I have a magwell grip) and its the only place I can put it I'll extend the battery wires and clip them to the receiver I can't afford £60 + for a new receiver with forward battery wires at the moment (to many commitments atm)
  24. Lipo alarms will either show the the voltage in each cell Or They will show voltage in each cell AND alarm when 1 cell drops down to voltage cut off As I use lipos in racing, I wasn't sure if the alarm applys to lipos in airsoft weapons
  25. Fair enough, thankyou for your reply guys
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