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  1. Anyones local site running special xmas / new years games? Particularly in the south east... I will be bored with a few weeks off and need to run off all the mince pies I will be eating!!

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    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      23rd and 26th at UCAP Portsmouth


    3. Albiscuit


      Cheers guys, If Id had know about Gunman weekender I would have gone for the sat/sun. Love me a bit of winter camping. But is seems Worthing may be an option, otherwise will keep an eye out for games on the 29/30th or 5/6th


      Portsmouth is too far for my little car to manage :D 

    4. Seany.exe


      Debating going to the worthing one myself weather depending. Hit me up if you're going, been trying to get this m4 up and running for weeks now but no matter what I do i'm getting the annoying air nozzle problem where it gets stuck halfway after shooting -.-


      Might just break out the UMP for a game :P

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