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  1. I'm looking for a fan thing to go under my laptop to stop it from overheating when I play games. Does anyone recommend one under £20?

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    2. BBrotherwood
    3. Colonel Kurtz

      Colonel Kurtz

      The left side houses the heat-sink which after a year usually gets a layer of dust so thick it comes off like a layer of felt. You need to open it up and clean it properly, compressed air will simply break it apart and leave all the sh*t bouncing round your motherboard. Increasing airflow wont do much when this heatsink is blocked. using an external fan is a proper lazy workaround

    4. BBrotherwood


      I have the same laptop as James, mine got ridiculously hot playing games on day 1. Its a powerful laptop but is poorly designed to get rid off the heat when its running full speed.

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