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  1. Just played my first 'proper' Arma 3 online game! Loved every second, only got 13 kills and forgot to open my parschute more often than not but it was great! Anyone else play it?

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    2. Esoterick


      Oh ok in that case you just install teamspeak then find out what the server address is to connect. The only other thing is to decide if you want to set a push to talk key or voice activation in the settings. If the server is just using teamspeak and not a mod like ACRE or TFR that integrates with it then it doesn't technically have anything to do with Arma running if that makes sense?

    3. JamesAirsofterAgent


      I installed it made it so i press caps but then in game nothing happens...

    4. Esoterick


      Are you able to connect to the teamspeak server for whichever Arma 3 server you are playing on? You should be able to do this even if Arma isn't running.

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