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    CO2 VSR-10 sniper rifle
    WE WW2 full metal M1911A1 GBB
    G&P M16A4/M203 grenade launcher
    WE P226 E
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    Ghillie Sniper - ghillie suited vsr c02 bolt action with we p226
    Heavy Assault - everything else
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    Pheonix Airsoft
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    Worksop, Nottinghamshire
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    Airsoft! pc gaming!
  1. looking for a gbb m1 garand in 6mm

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    2. Russe11


      I would not advise a GBB Garand. They are getting phased out now that AEG versions exist so mags will be a problem and they were never very good anyway. G&G garand is the way to go

    3. Russe11
    4. Russe11


      Or get either a Thompson or M3 grease gun to start with. King arms would be the way to go for a Thompson, ICS for a grease gun.


  2. Oh and i'm not putting anything else on the M16 its heavy enough. I have some rail covers to put on
  3. Thanks for the help on the gear guys and yes the VSR copy is manufactured by Swiss Arms, a cheap knock off C02 version, the canister goes in the bolt out of the box and they shoot over 800 FPS when purchased they are meant to be downgraded but mine wasn't done enough so I couldn't use it I really appreciate the gear help though. Also I really need to get buying some real stuff instead of cheap crap off Amazon I had a viper ubacs shirt and I hated the arms, attached or detached they felt so bulky so I gave it away but I now will get ordering.
  4. life is good

    1. Undieing_Lust


      Always look on the bright side of life.

    2. streetja
    3. team flex

      team flex

      certainly is just got enough to start building my pc

  5. When I first joined the forums i'd spent pretty much 5 years while I was finishing school and studying at college with no money trying to make good airsoft guns out of broken backyard plinkers and now I have secured a job with my qualifications. So I thought it was nice to show you all where my wages seem to dwindle away into airsoft Primarily a gaming pc rig and guitar stuff on the side. Maybe even get some opinions on my gear I dont mind any comment if it means I filter through the rubbish gear to get to know the good gear with the advice of fellow airsofters. Thanks for reading. So the first thing I bought a was a copy vsr which was shooting 650fps on 0.25g bbs which is obviously way too hot (the look on the guys face holding the chronograph down at my local site was funny) So I took it all the way to the patrol base store and those very nice chaps sorted everything out I wanted doing to it and now shoots on par with regulation limits. Then I tried making a ghillie suit and realised how tasking it is and that I didnt have enough time with work and all now which I miss. So I had ordered one yesterday! (please dont judge because i ordered one) Then I treat myself to a G&P M16A4 RAS Rifle AEG with a 552 holo sight also a magnifier is on the way. My cousin wanted a grenade launcher on his KWA M4, so i treat him to one for his birthday and when it came it didnt fit on his M4 (but it did fit on my M16 lovely) So i ordered another M203 for him which now fits his M4 so we both have grenade launchers. I've had my WW2 Colt M1911A1 for quite a while now and was wishing for something a bit more modern and tactical so i treat my self yet again to a WE Sig P226 (which i love) Now for my wearable gear I have purchased a US army vest complete because I dont like really like getting into the molle side of vests (but i will one day) Then I got my dpm 95 trousers My DPM 95 shirt just came today along with two spare mags for the P226 through the post. Also an SAS style Coat is on the way
  6. streetja

    ArmA 3

    Add me on steam got arma all set up and ready to go gamertag is streetja
  7. Ordered loads of hessian ready to make a ghille suit and ghillie rifle wrap

    1. jay83


      try add some natural stuff to it too. Sounds good though , update us with a finished picture


    2. streetja


      Thanks for the tip hope to start it soon I really don't want to use my new DPM bottoms but needs must.

  8. streetja

    Battlefield 4

    That pixel collider is crazy I've already seen the footage it's awesome
  9. want an mp5 :(

    1. Ian_Gere


      yeah me too - an SD6

    2. streetja


      Yeh not the solid stock the extractable stock. So damn awesome

    3. streetja


      Most of the MP5s for sale on the forums seem to be all bloody two toned :(

  10. streetja

    Battlefield 4

    "Now!, throw the grenades!" "But these are potatoes commissar?!" "A grenade is worth more than you so we use potatoes"
  11. streetja

    Battlefield 4

    Unless your playing this game on next gen or pc forget it. It's shocking the maps are downsized and graphics are rubbish. Pc gaming beats everything and also i have fell through the map about 5 times in the single player campaign. If your a pc gamer look up arma 3 best game ever
  12. Trying to get that right setup! Fingers crossed

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