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  1. kind of interesting day, my gun was firing 43m (paced it) with some accuracy but everybody was saying they couldn't feel it, found out it was firing between 130fps and 150fps. I guess power doesn't truly matter for range, but it does matter if you want them to feel it lol.

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    2. M_P


      Its a custom build (assuming its Lola)


      PTw cylinders don't go that low I believe. Even if you tried to you would have to chop a spring to pieces that would be too small to function.

    3. sp00n


      airsoft is a very sensual hobby, you always want your opponent to feel it to the max ;)

    4. geoffreym


      unfortunately lola is currently being worked on ( :'( ), it's an ex rental ICS M4 which I banged a tightbore and regreased the gears, only guess on the low fps is that nozzle to barrel airseal is weak, other than that, no idea.

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