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  1. I've just got mine, not been anywhere with it but in the garden its seem really good. Ive put around 3000 bbs through it so far and all has been well. Im out with it on the 10th so can let you know more once it has been skirmished.
  2. Well here are my first two rifs. Got a game booked for 10th April, can’t wait to try them out. Also have a ASG mk23 but that’s still with the mail man, hopefully getting delivered tomorrow.
  3. I just went for UK for my stuff, ordered it this morning for click and collect, picked it up this afternoon after work. Yes I may have spent a bit more on what I was going to get but I don’t have the hassle of UPS and customs
  4. I’m looking to do an small order from Taiwan Guns, just magazines and some other bits, total value just over £140. Will it get processed or shall I not bother.
  5. Is the Nuprol 1.0 same as 144a?
  6. Thank you so much for this in depth reply. I have read and taken onboard all the relevant information, so much so I have just purchased a TM hi-capa 5.1 DOR as I have been told by a few people that WE just don’t fire right in this country. Would Nuprol 2.0 be ok for the gas? As for gear to play in I’m an Army Reservist so have the camo and boots all sorted, I too wear glasses so will look into the Sawfly brand. Again thank you for taking your time to reply.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I already have a high end charger for lipos as I have a few RC cars that use them so have that well covered. Regarding the holster which one would you recommend for a Hi-Capa?
  8. Hey everyone, Im getting the Specna Arms Rock River Arms SA-E07 EDGE 2.0 as my main with a WE Europe Hi-Capa Dragon 5.1 A Series as a side arm. What are you experiences with these RIFs? What type of BB should I use? Which green gas? Which lipo and how many? Also what do you recommend to get as extras for either RIF? Will leave it there for the questions for now. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks guys. Gamble all hints and tips are welcome.
  10. Evening everyone, I am new to the air soft scene. Not played anywhere yet or have and equipment but once everywhere opens up again that will change. Any hints or tips for the hobby will be welcome.
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