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  1. That are cracking builds, Braush painting a finish like that is an art... superb
  2. Hi Mate, I've just turned 50 also, and starting out from scratch building knowledge, reading reading and researching. I have kit from other hobbies. Also in the Mix I am moving to Cardiff so will be looking for a site down there in the very near future..... Have fun Paul
  3. Been searching the internet no avail, where is the best place to but Bolt spare parts, I seem to have mis-placed the dust cover of the bottom of the pistol grip on my Bolt B4M1 elite. Many Thanks Paul
  4. There was a little scratch building involved, and some aftermarket parts. its mainly time and patience that turns them out like that. Paul
  5. Thankyou all All 3 aircraft are kits The Lancaster is a HK models kit, Spitfire was a Trumpeter Kit and the Hurricane a vintage Revell kit.. Thanks again Paul
  6. Excellent details mate, I build a lot of these. I commission build also for clients. Just finished a 1/32 scale Lancaster with over 1m wing span
  7. Try Milweb https://www.milweb.net Paul
  8. Thanks, yup much better feel now..👍🏻👍🏻
  9. Scrap that.... just sussed it out after a strong coffee.....👍🏻👍🏻🤗🤗
  10. Hi all, maybe a newbie question but I am trying to fit a NUPROL BOCCA Series Three AEG Rail 7'' to my Bolt B4M1 I says its a drop in rail with all required fittings and fits using the standard delta ring. It comes with 5 screws and 5 grub screws. The screws obviously join the 2 halves together, however I have no idea where to use the grub screws as there are no threaded holes the will go into. the delta ring itself does not hold it in totally securely, so it has a slight wobble.... Any suggestion or help gladly taken, even if the su
  11. 2MT Paul


    Could work in all this rain.....
  12. Hi All, done a search but not found an answer as of yet so reaching out. I want to make the first change to my Bolt B4A1. That is to swap the front hand guard for a rail system to be able to add accessories. I can see how simply the hand guard comes off, and have removed it, however want advise as to which front rail to buy. The one thing also to consider is it is front wired so needs to also contain the battery. Many Thanks in advance. Paul
  13. Hi Mate, in exactly the same place myself, hoping to get my first day on a site 1st November.
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