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    All pouches in new condition, only attached via molle onto belts etc to see what worked. Belt is new and totally unused, wrong size for me. Specifics: Jayjays laser cut belt XS - £90 Jay jays bum roll - £35 Dragon supplies dump pouch - £15 Milspec tailor ifak pouch - £70 Raptor tactical ifak pouch - £65


    Marlborough - GB

  2. Does anyone know whether the MWS take down pins are milspec or not? Looking to get rid of the slop between the upper and lower that's built up over the past year, but don't know if 'oversized' take down pins will fit or not.
  3. I've ran mine for about 3000 rounds now and just had my first problem with it. The top portion where the gas key would be on an actual AR snapped clean in half whilst firing, causing no additional damage luckily. AG told me that this is a common fault with older batches, but they've resolved it now by changing the material. Only advice would be to keep AG and TM parts separate, some of the springs are different lengths and the fitment of things isn't very good between the two.
  4. So, I just took apart my MWS hop adjuster unit again because it wasn't holding its position properly, and I've stupidly pinged the dial clicker across the garden. Does anyone have a spare one for sale? Eagle 6 are currently out of stock. EDIT Just found it it a plant pot luckily, still need to know why it won't hold position though if anyone can help
  5. Cheers for the reply, no the knocker doesn't protrude until the second "wall" and everything seems to work fine, honestly would be fine with it staying either single-stage or two-stage, the randomness is the annoying part. Bought the dynamic precision enhanced trigger box springs as spares for when something breaks - thinking now might be the time to try them if I'm taking the unit apart.
  6. VID_20200907_191208.mp4
  7. Sorry if it's been troubleshot before but has anyone had their MWS trigger turn two-stage? It doesn't happen every time, but after the initial take up, if the trigger isn't pulled straight to the rear it almost slips a centimeter or two before reaching another wall. It doesn't happen consistently which is the main problem, as sometimes the trigger breaks normally and sometimes I get the false break and new wall which throws me off. Seems like a weak spring or a bad contact patch between something in the trigger box, any help would be appreciated before I open it up, cheers. EDIT Added a video to better demonstrate the problem; the first trigger pull is normal, then the second one I thought was going to be two-stage but almost slipped through with the full trigger pull, and the third stuck very firmly on the second stage.
  8. Ahh my bad, thanks for the answer though 👌
  9. Sorry if this has already been written about and I've just missed it but has anybody has their hopup wheel come unset when shooting? Currently mine undoes almost one click per shot, meaning my hop can go from fully engaged to fully off in less than a magazine. Anyone had this happen or know of a fix?
  10. Anyone else taken the dive with spray paint yet?
  11. The shoulder of my outer barrel ends further back than the gas block on mine, I can't even put a flash hider on the end of the barrel in conjunction with with my gas block. The previous owner said he'd installed the angry gun 'milspec'outer barrel however I was sceptical as it didn't come with any of the additional barrel extension lengths.
  12. It's a standard 14.5", decided to just get the angry gun 'milspec' outer barrel kit tho - not sure my original idea would've worked anyway as the threads run long
  13. Does anyone have/know where I can get a MK18 barrel extension for the 10" MWS outer barrel? Just wanting the small extension part, not looking for an entire outer barrel set. Alternatively, I believe any 0.5" outer barrel extension will work
  14. Hey everyone, I've got some IronAirsoft Pmags which won't fill (I know there's better magazines, but I got them in a deal and up until now they've been alright - better in colder weather than stock mags IMHO. 😬) Problem seems to be the flow valve, which simply ejects all the gas out as I fill the magazine. I shot them until empty once, left them for a couple of hours at most and now they won't hold any gas. Checked all the O rings and added some PTFE tape in moderation to the threads just to be sure. The problem however seems to be the gap around the rear plunger and not the O ringed section that screws into the magazine. If anyone's had something similar or has some advice it'd be much appreciated - cheers
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