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  1. Yep, I feel you, i'd got to the point where I was about to sack it too. I had tried two different a.i. adapters, two madbull copies etc and in the end it was the bottle, I solved it by buying either the Coleman type or rothenberger plumbers propane - I was still fairly fed up as i'd bought a refill kit and a refillable Coleman type bottle along with £40 of calor's finest. But once I'd binned that notion off she runs like a champ now. I hope this is not teaching you to suck eggs but when you fill have you tried pressing that little bit harder and only fill in 1-2 second stab's. I do about 10-15 stab's per mag and if you weigh your mag before and after using a cheap eBay scale you can confirm it's filled right, for example mine weigh 473 grams gassed up with no bb's and green gas modded and 499 grams gassed,bombed up and magpul fitted. If you do that before a skirmish you know you can get away with one or two 'dodgy' fills and that you have 35 rounds on board i.e no guess work. Hope this doesn't sound too daft but it's how I got it to work well for me.
  2. I believe the general consensus is it is caused by dirty "non dry lube" causing parts to stick. If you have a look at wolf's guide to cleaning in the first couple of pages you'll see he uses wurth dry lube and carburettor cleaner to dissolve all the crap and flush out through the trigger, allow it to dry and re lube, I've been using this method from day one and haven't had a problem - give that a go before riving out the box perhaps?
  3. Cheers, yep, checked that, there's a gauge on the side of the nozzles for that.
  4. If you are after cheap metal targets for shooting 'steel', I use a plasterers hawk from the range (the shop, not a range), along with pans sprayed white also from there to simulate torso/head sized targets fitted to 1 3/4" plastic waste pipe drilled and bolted on. These give a satisfying hit noise easily heard over distance and are dirt cheap. I found the problem, the refillable flame king bottle I bought that was going to save me a fortune does not work with A.I. or madbull fill adapters causing the mag to only fill a bit then leaking either side of the nozzle 😭😭😭 So unless I can make / find some sort of adapter that's best part of £100 down the crapper. Problem is the inside of the bottle valve, Coleman - chamfered, Flame king flat bottomed. Looked at plumbers gas torch extension as a source of connecters to adapt it to Coleman - spec but hoses have no valve in the end of those! Lathe operaters /welders anybody able to source a cga 600 male/female weld 'em/bolt them together for me to adapt my bottle valve please?
  5. Makes sense. I'm inclined to agree with you, I have three fill adapters, a brown and blue Airsoft Innovations polymer numbers - these give the best seal but lack enough spring to push in the valve, which if I shove harder (because nothings happening) vent the bottle. And a cheapy eBay madbull copy that has a crap seal on the fill valve, but let's me press harder but is only giving me a partial fill - I'm going to return the new blue nozzle as it is only days old and try again, fail that replace all the fill valves then if that doesn't work I'm going to make a frame, put it in the frame, look at it and go out and buy an aeg😁
  6. Yep, everything's inverted. I'll let you know tomorrow, cheers.
  7. Guns great I think it may be the operator!
  8. So what is the solution? Fill as best as you can, and just swap out for another mag if it gases out mid game? That will get annoying with only 5 mags. It's a cracking sustem, well built, very accurate and great when it's going right but I'm struggling to make it useable - I just cannot seem to be able to gas the mags up enough for reasonable usage even after green gas modding them!
  9. Nope struggling to get a full mag out of any of the five, I don't know if it's my filling adapter or the fill valves. All mags hold gas and are on calor's finest. I wonder if a complete strip and rebuild would do it? I just can't understand how people can get a full mag out of a ten second squirt. I did not have this problem with my Kwa MP9!
  10. Thanks, I'll try that.
  11. No, as God intended.
  12. Ladies and gents, if I was still in a class I get the feeling I'd be wearing the dunce cap. I'm still struggling to fill my mags reliably from propane - They are all basically new, have been looked after, have been green gas modded, have two different types of propane adapter on the bottles (the madbull type, the Airsoft innovations polymer type and a brand new v5 blue AI adapter type from firesupport. I have replaced two of the fill valves with laylax nineballs and yet I'm struggling to fill some of them. The symptoms are as follows: starts to fill for a second then goes quiet, so I take the nozzle off, give it a shake and go again. Nothing no gas/liquid transfer - nothing, so only after pressing way harder than I should it starts to fill a bit which gets me a few more rounds then gasses out again. After a couple of times of this I can get it to fill using the madbull type nozzle as the ai nozzle vents the can if you press too hard. I know this has been done to death on this forum but I'm really struggling and would appreciate the advice. I don't think I should need to stab the crap out of the fill nozzles but find it the only way to get gas in so I must be doing something wrong. Like it said all my mags are looked after and never left un gassed... Help!
  13. I've still modded all mine as I was none the wiser, I reckon it still ok to do and gives you a slightly bigger gas capacity!
  14. Yep spot on, cheers.
  15. Yep, fail, when I push the ai polymer fill valve on, the mag fill valve does not want to 'give' and if I push harder the ai bottle adapter vents instead. All other 4 mws mags and 3 hk45 mags ok. The spring feels very stiff on the mag valve like!
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