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  1. Hi, I know this has been covered again and again but I can't seem to find it - I currently have a stock cqbr mws and would like the mk18 Daniel defence rail look, however some people are telling me it will drop straight on others are saying it will require a bit of machining where the handguard strikes the front receiver pin holding the upper and lowers together. Could someone recommend a handguard, barrel nut, barrel wrench, gas block and anything I'll need to square this away please. Additionally would anyone have any experience of this:- http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_RIS_Systems_G_P_DD_MK18_M4A1_RIS_II_9_5_inch_Front_Set_for_Tokyo_Marui_M4A1_MWS_GBBR_Black.h Cheers
  2. Bollox, I was after 3 next week - he did mention he was ordering in 70 odd by mid Dec though so all good.
  3. Where do I find NugentGL, had a shufti at you/face tube and drew a blank.
  4. Yep, +1 on that. I wonder how many TM's have been sold on the back of those videos??? Two from me for definite.
  5. Mr Bing, howzit? When we getting another mws anniversary vid m8?
  6. What's the word on that new AG bolt regarding durability? I see you can buy the bolt carrier only and just pop in the nozzle assuming I can still stand it - maybe it's a newbie thing but between that and my mag gas filling learning curve on mws mags I really struggled to get that to 320fps, must have took me ten goes adjusting that tiny Allen head bolt.
  7. Cheers, (...deep breath) rifle hypochondria episode over.
  8. Hi, if I could tap into the collective mws hive-mind. Those of you who still have the original bolt carrier could you just whip it out and have a shufti at it and tell me if this is normal wear and tear please. The gat is standard 'cept an ag MPA nozzle ran on propane chrono'ing around 320fps. The reason I ask is she's only done a few hundred round's so far, maintenance wise is as wolf outlined earlier. Cheers
  9. Now, I may be crazy, but I reckon this works as well as the nozzle on a can of nuprol 2.0. I may be wrong as I've just briefly tested it and I reckon it feels the same. Update - getting a mag and a half to two out of one fill from a very old can of plumbers propane. Filling is on par with a can of green gas not to say that I'm overly happy with it as it lags all over and it's hard to determine when you get that liquid spill to let you know it's full however it does reach and does fill. I cannot find the Airsoft innovation fill adapter with three original plastic nozzle as they are all the 'improved' version with a metal nozzle. Are these an improvement over what I already have and are they worth the £25 extra?
  10. Nice one, got one cued up on Amazon. Cheers
  11. Right oh, I'll give it a try and fail that it's an ai spout.
  12. What do you recommend for a propane adapter then?. Cheers
  13. Hi Whisky, I bought mine from Defcon Airsoft and they seem decent to deal with - they gave me 5% off for ex forces, as for the rifle it seems spot on, like I said I've only got one mag so far so I haven't skirmished it yet but it has had 2-300 round's through it and accuracy at 16m is around 75mm/3" groups shot from a supported prone position with stock internals ( about the same as my Kwa mp9 SMG) and I'm wondering if some silicone oil has found its way to the bucking even though I clean and lube each sesh despite my best efforts to keep it away from anything that touches the BB - I need to buy the wurth "cleaning kit" recommend by wo1f! As far as cycling I can report zero stoppages as should be expected. I'm planning to run it on propane so my plan is to get all my kit - mags, fill adapter together then chrono it, adjust the mwa nozzle and hop then try and get some range time in if I can drop a fig.11 target at 50m reliably, I'm good for now till I can get some tools and a six g nub. Cheers Matt
  14. So first of all I'd just like to thank everyone who has contributed to this thread, I have bought a cqbr variant because of Bada Bing's videos and the wealth of knowledge on here. I'm relatively knew to forums as a whole so please feel free to put me right - I'm ex UK Armed forces - I can take it. I haven't asked any questions before or after purchasing because it is all laid out here and as such I've already done my first mod which is an Angry Gun MPA nozzle which works well so far as I can tell on Nuprol 2, I plan to green gas mod my only mag so far but I've not had the minerals yet. I haven't chrono'd it yet as I'm waiting for a cheap Chinese propane adapter to arrive and I plan to run it on Coleman or rothenberger gas with a view to refilling them from my local calor gas depot. As for the externals all I've done is add a vortex crossfire, a surefire m720v wm light and a cheap afg. I also have had fun trying to fill the mag with a nuprol pistol speedloader and have found the tubeloader although inconvenient effective in as much as stopping me overloading the mag. I plan on getting a Marui XL loader - anybody tried that? I have tried changing angles and pulling the follower down a bit for the first round and that has ended in an avalanche of bb's allez Uber Der platz. My Kwa mp9 was better to 'bomb up'. Any hoo thanks again - top work people. Weasel, out.
  15. Have you thought of using an electricians fishing rod for pulling through wires - cheap strong and almost identical?
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