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  1. A sad day, as my mesh goggles strap has broken, can be repaired.... time I guess to buy something different? 🤔

    “Served me well, when I first started, protecting my eyes! Also helping me to shoot a lot of players, in the hundreds (no joke!), Great times and memories!”

    - 💷GAMBLE💷

    2017-2020 R.I.P 😵😜



    On the plus side, this turned up from Mother Russia! 💪😎👍

    Can’t wait to try this out.... when I hear the all clear, soon hopefully!? 🤞

    Would of worn the goggles, sadly mentioned above! 
    (Left classic, the right off Ebay 2 piece BDU/ missing the bottom half, funny story behind them, not the best!) 😂











    1. heroshark


      Only needs a few stitches. 

    2. GAMBLE


      @heroshark 👋

      Yeah.... might look into an upgrade? 🤔

      No need to rush at the moment! 😤

  2. Got my 2 items today, to make a carry handle for my RPK, after a few attempts managed to get it sorted with some camo tape to secure it a bit more! Will test it out more when I can, cheap, simple, reliable!?.... 😜

    Angled so you can still see down the sights for Right or Left handed players! 🔫😎👍













  3. Preparing for the Summer, bought 2 useful items! 😁

    1. WW2 bayonet scabbard.

    2. VZ61 ammo pouch.


    Cant wait to test them! 
    Fits on my Russian rig and my simple tactical belt, win, win! 😎👍





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    2. EvilMonkee


      What a weird collection of items.  

    3. GAMBLE


      Weird to you maybe.... to me.... I’m just having fun, with what I have and plan to use! 😎

    4. EvilMonkee


      Its just random and doesnt follow any particular theme.  Soviet belt, pouches and entrenchign tool mixed with Czech and British stuff.  Each to their own

  4. Last year bought a 2 piece BDU, KLMK Russian camo, off eBay!
    It was the light weight Summer version, sadly the lower half didn’t last one day.... funny story.... still have the top! 😜

    So decided to get a better version, Old School, 1 piece BDU, from Mother Russia! 💪

    Can’t wait for it to arrive.... 🤞👍








  5. Sadly didn’t go today! 🔫😞

    However decided to be creative and mess around with my gear.... 😜


    1. Vest patches.

    CQB when your too close, you can read them! 😵




    2. Chicom upgrades.

    How can you improve upon a simple effective rig.... 🤔

    4 things:
    AK mag cell becomes holster for pistol.

    An elastic band to secure it. 
    A lanyard for extra support.

    Additionally the lanyard acts as a bayonet scabbard with the AK cell. Very little effort in getting in and out AK mag. 

    Look forward to trying it out next time!!!! 🔫😎



    Fits a Glock:


    Fits an M1911: 


  6. My desert scarf has arrived! 😁

    Desert Loadout is almost complete.... maybe one more item!? 🤔😂

    Like the DPM camo, will try this out at one point.... can’t find my tan goggles at the moment! 😤
    Was inspired by this Character! 😎








  7. Got myself a second boonie hat, from eBay, was quite surprised it didn't feel right....solid.... open it up, vacuum packed, it was only £3.95! 😜👍

    Will go well with my Desert Loadout.... just waiting for one more item to complete it! 😎

    Hopefully be here by tomorrow then can try it.... 🤞




  8. My tactical vest has arrived, was not expecting it yet!😮

    Have my fair share of rigs and vests, look forward to trying out my new ones and finding the pros and cons! 😆

    This one will be used for CQC sites, now gives me an excuse to travel! 😂

    Time to customise it, not bad so far for the price of £20.99, what can it do.... 😎



    Out of the package! 🤔



    Who knows which game this is from!?.... 😂😎






    1. Rogerborg


      Those are pretty good for the price.  OK, the stitching isn't the best, but nothing that can't be redone or reenforced, and that's everything you need for pistol + primary in CQB right there.

    2. GAMBLE


      @Rogerborg 👋

      Useful advice! 👍

      My CQB so far has been limited to one site for it and the rest has been in Woodland setup buildings! 🤔

    3. Skara


      I like how you're enjoying stuff that I wouldn't touch with a barge pole :P

  9. Managed to play today.... finally, took long enough!!!!

    Had a Great time at Red Alert, managed to renew my UkARA and sorted out my membership! 😁
    @Dino been a while, but still got the skills to prove it! 🔫😎👍


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    2. GAMBLE


      You not around for a while.... then out of nowhere you beat my current record! 😜

      I always miss the action, whilst respawning! 😂

      keepi it up! 🔫😎👍
      At least I got 7 with a grenade kill.... before your Fast 7! 😵

    3. BibbsOnTour


      Red Alert in Newbury is a great site! Went there once about 2 years ago, shame it's so far from me!

    4. GAMBLE


      If you ever make it for another time, send me a message, I always go on Sundays! 🔫😎👍

      Might of even crossed paths without even knowing.... 🤔😜

  10. In the creative mood, I’ve just come up with something so simple, cheap, reliable and it works.... well have to try it out soon! 😜

    Trade Mark Copy, pattern this idea!!!! 😎

    I’ve been watching the walking Dead (No spoilers please!) 👍

    an alternative to a tactical flashlight.... which would you use choose in the Apocalypse!? 🤔

    Looks stupid, but I would go with my crazy idea, saves having to find batteries!!!! 😂






    1. Skara


      You're going to look weird while literally masturbating your rifle to charge the torch :P


      In terms of an actual apocalypse, it'd be the dog's danglies..

    2. GAMBLE


      Add a bayonet, takes care of that issue, in and out, stabbing!!!! 🔪😵😜

  11. Just added an AK mount, to my E&L AKM, sorting out one inconvenience! 😆

    A few years back, early on in my starting days, was running in the rain, stacked it and broke my high cap mag and my gas tube lock! 😮

    Now taken out the pin that was holding it in with some electric tape and now the AK mount secures it, without any issues, so far.... I’m a genius!!!! 😎😂

    Might designate this my Apocalyptic AK.... 🤔😜




    Me.... right now.... fixing something for the first time!!!! (Who can relate?) 😂


  12. This arrived a few days earlier than expected!!!! 😆

    Can’t wait to try this out.... in better weather!!!! 😁







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    2. GAMBLE


      @Steveocee no problem, I got it off eBay, type in sniper coat, good/ reasonable prices! Here’s the link.


      Got the idea, from playing Ghost Recon Wildlands, customisation options, for an Assault/ Sniper Loadout! 🤔👍




    3. Dino


      Good work on the gear, good match!

    4. GAMBLE


      Thanks, can’t go wrong with Russian gear and funny enough just grabbed the top for the pic! 😂

  13. 👋

    Continuing my Patch collection for 2020, bought 3 patches and managed to get an additional one, always Great when you get a random extra one! 😜

    1. Resident Evil Stars, back patch.

    2. Resident Evil Stars police l, front patch.

    3. A funny contractor patch.

    4. Random patch, The War & Peace Revival 2013! 

    Always keep an eye out for certain ones! 😎


    1. Ashy


      I chucked this in with my last delivery from patrolbase. Figured it'd work with the laughably ridiculous pistol I'm building 😂


  14. Hi, ALL! 👋

    Anyone who has as owned a KSC VZ-61 Skorpion GBB, or pair, can answer this  one? 🔫🔫

    I’ve considered buying 2! (Check 🔫AKIMBO🔫 topic!) 👍

    I’ve seen a review on YouTube and very little game footage! 

    Anyone had experience with these, please let me know the pros & cons? 🤔

    Much appreciated. 😎👍


  15. Reached a 100 for my Community Reputaion, which apparently is Good!😎

    Thanks to @GeorgePlaysAirsoft 👍

    Happy to of achieved the 3 digits, look forward to getting more Positive Feedback.... 😜


    1. Steveocee


      The challenge is getting your rep higher than your post count 😎

    2. EvilMonkee


      Which poor mistaken sod has been upvoting your posts?


      Ban them immediately

    3. GeorgePlaysAirsoft


      Dont take it personally guys - if you had a sweet SMLE i'd like your posts too 😁 

  16. Hi, ALL! 👋

    Need intel on a site, Skirmish Wycombe? 🤔

    Possibly considering paying a visit.... 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GAMBLE


      @EDcase 👋

      Thanks for the intel. 😎👍

      2 questions:

      1. I know from the past, if I remember correctly, they rarely do Sundays? 

      2. Also do they have a calendar schedule.... 🤔


      If I can make it, sure why not? 🤞

      Likewise PM, when you next got to Red Alert? 

    3. EDcase


      1. Yes, I think they only do Sundays.

      2. Not sure about calendar schedule. I usually go when a friend is there.


      I'll PM you when I go to either one 👍

    4. GAMBLE


      Ok, thanks for getting back. 👍

      Will make a change for a Sunday game! 😜

  17. Another rig added to the collection! 😂

    Likely to change, must test it out! 🤔

    Will sort out the BDU to match, then I will have a complete loadout! 😎






    Got there in the end after a lot of changes! 😜

    It also fits in the utility/gas mask pouch, my M1911 and Glock 18C! 🔫 



  18. Would of posted this earlier, been busy! 

    Had a Great time last Saturday, testing out my new Glock 18C, a lot of new achievements made, having fun! 🔫

    Will cover my new molle vest tomorrow! 😁

    Not a bad start to 2020, look forward to this year and living up to my Callsign! 😎


  19. New rig, arrived today, just in time for 2020! 😎

    Time to customise and see what works.... 😜





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    2. GAMBLE


      @Sniper780 I’m using a replica SWAT helmet, M88. 

      @Robert James wanted it before 2020, got to make up for those 362 days! 😎

    3. Dino


      I like the UN cover, just make sure that you do not stand near me...lol..

    4. GAMBLE


      That’s ok I have Diplomatic Immunity! 😂😎

  20. Who can relate.... 🤔

    It’s amazing when you go through gear, you have collected, but never used or the odd few times and manage to make something out of it! 

    Using your imagination or influences from games and TV, you can create something after a bunch of characters! 

    Ive managed to create a 3 in 1 setup! 😎

    (Not 100% accurate but close!) 

    Leon S Kennedy (RE 4)

    Nathan Drake (Uncharted 3)

    Sasha (Behind enemy lines)







    Guess the correct amount? 🤔

    Since I started Airsoft, I have collected my fair share of melee kills! 😵

    3 tools, 3 different answers, have some fun with this one.... who can get them all right!? 



  22. What does your AFUK display name, say about you!?.... 🤔

    I’ve solved mine and relates to me playing! 🔫😎










    1. Cr0-Magnon


      Chelonian Loving

      Rentals Nightmare

      0 Fudges Given


      All Time




      Noice Guy

    2. Albiscuit


      Mines just a nickname, im not clever enough to make up an acronym for it! :) 

    3. GAMBLE


      Fair enough, give it time.... 😂👍

  23. Can’t believe I’ve injured my knee, on my last day, shame I could of finished, but safer and better for recovery! 😤

    I wasn’t the only one who had to retire @DrAlexanderTobacco, it was Great to see you there, hopefully catch up in 2020! 🔫😎


    1. DrAlexanderTobacco


      @GAMBLEGreat to put a name to a face! See you in 2020 👍 🔥

    2. GAMBLE


      Likewise, both need some R&R! 👍😎

  24. Likely to be my last day tomorrow, 2019, what a year of playing! 🔫😎

    Can’t wait to see what the New Year brings, 2020! 🥳

    Who can relate....



  25. A day late.... but here now, my new Glock! 🔫😁

    Joker Loadout!!! 😜






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