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  1. I just went on Insight’s website, and looked at their product catalog. It’s listed as a higher power version of the AN/PEQ-15.
  2. Just finished the Layaway on my Elite Force MP7. So far, first impressions are good! Battery space is obviously small in the extreme, mags are anout $30, or $35 at the local shop (£25). ROF clocks in at roughly 28 RPS, or 1,680 RPM (Nearly double that of the Real version, 960 RPM) haven’t officially chrono’d it as of yet, but the Shop owner mentioned that the samples they did chrono were hotter than field limits, which are 350FPS (106-ish M/S), so my guess is 360FPS (Ghett-stimate is 109 M/S?) or thereabouts. External build quality is Top Notch, albeit with some loose set screws after a mag dump, specifically the one for the left bolt catch lever, AKA the one that comes loose on every MP7 yet released (to my knowledge). The trademark/safety warnings (Idiot Marks) are fairly low-vis, in a dark grey as opposed to EF’s normal bright white, probably not an issue for that majority of you over there in Europe. The adorably tiny birdcage flash hider is also bright Blaze Orange but appears metal, and has 12mm- threads beneath. In addition, dropping the mag slightly, but not all the way, clears the magnetic follower, but does not disengage the magazine disconnect, meaning you can still dry-fire the RIF. I have reason to believe that the Bolt catch when depressed fully also does the same, but have yet to be able to produce reliable results. (Will add more as I have the MP7 longer.)
  3. Not quite 4chan, but a group elsewhere inspired by /K/. Actually met up with a fellow member at a Swap Meet at the local arena yesterday.
  4. Looks pretty darn similar to the unit I had on my service rifle when I was in. EDIT: looked at L3/Insight’s website, looks to be functionally the same system, LA5B is just higher power than the issued AN/PEQ-15.
  5. Ahhhh okay The figure I got must have been from somewhere else in Europe then
  6. So I’ve seen a thread here with the rather exorbitant prices for the Umarex MP7’s in Europe, if any of you happen to have trusted friends or acquaintances in the US, prices here are significantly better, equating to about €356 Euros as opposed to the €500 Euro figure I saw. Even with shipping, it might still save you money in the end if you’re dead-set on the MP7.
  7. Awesome! We unfortunately don’t have nearly the amount of games that use old fortifications here, the closest thing to that I’ve been to are the games that used to be held at Camp Rilea, which is a US Army Reserve SF Training site (And also partly dedicated to training electrical highline workers???). Sadly we got booted from there because someone popped an Orange Enola Gaye and the Coast Guard got cranky becaus their Helos recognize Orange Smoke as distress, and the Barracks were not adequately cleaned upon departure, though I missed that game. And speaking of the Devil’s Lettuce, my roomate actually replaced a part of his G&G L22’s gearbox with a piece from a weed cartridge, funnily enough that you mention it XD
  8. So the specific nomenclature for the one you bought is the L3 Communications AN/PEQ-15, target designator, aiming device, and illuminator.
  9. Well, I’ll do my best to represent this side well! Any questions you have about things here I’m always open to answer!
  10. Tippmann M4 g1 largely stock save for a few components: cut down Airsoft Honolulu heavy buffer, Angry Gun PDW stock MLOK handguard of unknown origin Crimson Trace WML Acetech Lighter tracer Fortish SHIFT angled grip (handstop?) Eotech 517 then kit I usually pair with it is a BlueForce Gear chest rig, with their ultralight dump pouch, and a USGI CB double mag pouch for my loader. Gives me 5 mags on tap, for a total of 600 rds, of which I’ve never used more than 360 in a game. the gun is LOUD, and a tack driver, at least in CQB, as much as that counts, and extremely gratifying to shoot given the recoil.
  11. So, I have a brick and mortar 5.11 outlet about 30min from my apartment. I would personally not buy any of their load bearing equipment with the exception of pouches (their Taco mag pouch knockoffs are incredibly good). Trying them on and handling them left me very unimpressed. If you absolutely need a full vest, I would look at an Osprey, which I would imagine is easier for you to get a hold of, or some of the BAE/SDS RBAV variants. Crye’s Airlite series is also wonderful, and affordably priced at $120-ish last I checked, and as the name would imply, incredibly light.
  12. I’m based in Portland, Oregon, Best Coast of the USA. I don’t have any strict loadouts per se, but I do regularly run two BlueForce Gear chest rigs, a Rackminus set up for SMG’s and PDW’s, and a Ten Speed for my M4 and other such guns. I have a Crye Airlite that I occasionally use, but not nearly as often as the chest rigs. needless to say, I don’t do impressions much, closest I ever get is “Hey this would have been really slick when I was still in”.
  13. Thank you very much! Happy to be here!
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