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  1. Why don't people in ghillies get tapped around their arms like everyone else? 


    It's just not fair in my opinion.

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    2. Albiscuit


      If unsure, shoot em anyway!!


      I went rogue on my last game as it was night they asked us to take off the arm bands and use colour challenges, the colour challenge didnt work so I stopped answering and started shooting. Worked for me :D  

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      if in doubt just shoot them, if they complain about freindly fire just point out that you couldn't identify their team.


      it's the hubris you should expect for not being identifiable to your team, and freindly fire is very much part of airsoft mainly because how do you know it ain't freindly?

    4. sonofsammo


      They do, depending on the site. I play at six different sites normally.
      There's only one out of those where Ghillies don't get taped/banded.
      At that site, all snipers are shown at the start and made known to all players. There is the understanding that you will probably shoot your own snipers at some point. nowt wrong with that as far as I can see - and all the players are fine with it.
      The team that runs the site are working on the logic - what's the point of a ghillie suit if you're wearing a neon arm band...

      p.s. If the rule is that annoying to you, get yourself a ghillie - there's nothing to say what weapon you have to use with it 😄 

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